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Dion Jordan cut by Miami Dolphins

The end of the Dion Jordan era is here. The Miami Dolphins tweeted they have released the former third overall pick.

The 2013 draft. What a draft to forget about for us Dolphin fans as all of those picks are now gone. It was a failure on so many levels and it would help lead to the parting of ways with general manager Jeff Ireland after the season.

It was finally time to pull the plug on Jordan. He had so many chances and he wasted them all. I think we all knew this move was coming at some point, so it should be no real surprise for a lot of people.

In his four years in Miami, Jordan started one game. ONE game. This past season he dealt with a knee injury all year and the year before that he was suspended the entire year for violating the NFL’s PED policy.

There really isn’t much to say about the former 3rd overall picks career. He didn’t do much as a Dolphin. Jordan will be one of the biggest draft busts ever.