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Jabrill Peppers in ‘The Film Room’

The Miami Dolphins hold the 22nd overall pick in next month’s NFL Draft, a selection they are widely thought to be planning to use on either a defensive lineman or a guard. That could all change, however, as the Draft actually unfolds, with players they might like being selected earlier or players they thought would be long-gone still sitting on the board when Miami is on the clock. An intriguing player who has been generating a lot of discussion, and is linked to Miami in some places, is Michigan safety/linebacker/cornerback/halfback/wide receiver/wildcat quarterback/return man Jabrill Peppers.

At the NFL level, Peppers seems to project as a safety, with the possibility of using him at linebacker if he adds muscle. He also brings in the return ability and he could play nickel cornerback as well. He is a player with a ton of potential, it will just be up to a coaching staff to figure out how to best use him.

Is that potential enough to make him a first round draft pick? In an era where nickel cornerbacks are starters to match with three wide receiver sets from the offense, would Peppers be the right move, using him at cornerback and safety initially? There is a lot to like about the idea of Peppers, but is there a lot to like about Peppers?

Our friend Brett Kollmann from Battle Red Blog broke down Peppers in his latest edition of “The Film Room.” You can check out all the episodes of The Film Room over at Kollmann’s YouTube channel.