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Did ESPN publish something positive about Dolphins? Miami makes ‘underrated’ free-agency move

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Someone at ESPN wrote something positive about the Miami Dolphins. I know, you think I misread it too. I double checked, and it is actually there and it is positive. Here it is, just to prove it to you as well

Sam Monson (who technically works for Pro Football Focus, but wrote the ESPN article under the byline “Special to”) published a “most underrated, overrated NFL free-agent signings” list on Friday, taking a look at the various roster moves around the league. Somehow, the Dolphins landed on the “underrated” portion of the list.

Monson selected Miami’s trade for the Los Angeles RamsWilliam Hayes for the listing. He writes of the move:

Contract: One year, $4.75 million with $2.7 million guaranteed (traded from Rams)

This was a trade rather than a free-agent signing, but Miami's under-the-radar move to acquire Hayes from the Rams was smart, and it cost the Dolphins only moving down 17 spots at the end of April's draft (from No. 206 overall to No. 223). Miami then shortened Hayes' contract by a year, and he'll now be on the free-agent market in 2018. Hayes has been an excellent edge defender for several years, and he has averaged 43 total QB pressures and 30.5 defensive stops the past two seasons. The Dolphins needed another end opposite Cameron Wake after releasing Mario Williams -- they also brought back Andre Branch -- and they got a top-20 player without giving up much in return.

Miami’s addition of Hayes, which is listed as the team giving up a sixth-round pick for Hayes and a seventh-round selection, does look even better with the point that Miami only actually moves back 17 positions. Hayes should bring Miami a primary rotational defensive end, while providing the team with a player who should excel against the run, setting the edge and forcing running backs into linebackers. It really should be a good addition for the Dolphins.

And, surprisingly, ESPN allowed something positive about the Dolphins to be published.