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The Splash Zone 3/12/17: Team Looking For Depth On Defense And O-Line

Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.

Things were quiet at Dolphins HQ on Saturday as there was no roster activity to report. But that doesn't mean the team wasn't doing anything. With the team filling some needs their objective now is to find some depth for the defense and add more to the offensive line. The team still needs to add another starting guard and possibly another starting linebacker. But depth is important as we learned last season, with the team being banged up as the season progressed.

You can check out that story here, and the rest of the day's round-up below.

After free ageny flurry, Dolphins look for depth on defense, offensive line | Miami Herald
Saturday was a quiet day at Dolphins headquarters. No signings. No announced visits. But beneath the surface, the team was quietly targeting help on defense, offensive line.

Dolphins Wide Receivers

Stills' 4-year contract is really a 2-year deal (and then Miami has a decision to make) | Miami Herald
When is a four-year deal not really a four-year deal? When it’s between an NFL franchise and a player, and Kenny Stills’ new contract is no different.

Dolphins Defensive Line

New Miami Dolphins DE William Hayes was once homeless – to learn how tough it is
By now you may have read stories about new Dolphin William Hayes pertaining to mermaids, dinosaurs and the moon, but there’s another unique side to him that’s as serious as it gets. Hayes was once homeless.

Miami Dolphins DE Andre Branch: ‘This contract was for my mother’
Miami Dolphins defensive end Andre Branch signed a contract reportedly worth up to three years and $27 million. As Branch pondered on Friday how this may change his life, he thought of family. After all, he he's not a guy who spends a lot of money.

Dolphins Secondary

Before blasting an NFL contract as ‘ridiculous!’ consider Isa Abdul-Quddus
It was the third roster transaction in a news release sent on the second day of NFL free agency. Because it was a business transaction and the NFL is business.

Dolphins Offseason

Miami Dolphins have rewarded their own players, now it needs to be a two-way street | Miami Herald
The Miami Dolphins have spent a large majority of their offseason expenditures on their own players. Now it is necessary for those players to avoid a regression to the mean.

Dolphins have addressed plenty of their needs, but not all of them - Sun Sentinel
The Miami Dolphins offseason addresses plenty, but not all of Miami's needs

How the Miami Dolphins compare to New England Patriots, at the moment
There are free agents to be signed and players to be drafted. And yes, the Miami Dolphins say publicly they need to focus on what they're doing and how they're growing as an organization, not the Patriots. Or Bills. Or Jets. OK. Really, or Patriots.

Phinsider News You May Have Missed

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Dolphins depth chart after free agency day two - The Phinsider
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