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A Big Personal Thank You To The Miami Dolphins Organization

James McKinney

As some of you know my 91-year-old grandmother, while visiting my brother in Fort Worth Texas, fell and broke her hip three weeks back. She had to have the hip replaced and due to her age has had a bit of a struggle recovering and rehabbing. She is also a longtime Miami Dolphins fan, a rabid fan at that, going back to their first year in the league when her and my grandfather had season tickets up until the point where they could no longer attend games in person. They are obviously the reason behind my own rabid fandom.

I contacted someone with the Miami Dolphins organization, informed them of her accident and requested that the send her just a quick card or something. Nothing gets her more excited than a new piece of Dolphins swag so I figured a card or a postcard from the team would really help to lift her spirits.

Instead of a simple card, they sent her an entire box of items including a hat and some autographed cards from Cam Wake and Ryan Tannehill along with some other small items. The actual get well card was signed by Jason Taylor. When when I told her that it was his signature, she almost came out of her chair because of course, what Dolphins fan doesn't love them some Jason Taylor?

The gesture by the organization means a lot to me as it really lifted her spirits. Thank you to the Miami Dolphins organization for taking the time to make her day!