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Caption This!

Help us be immature and send in your funny captions.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants

“Caption This!” is a game where we try to be funny. Give the funniest caption. That’s it. If you like someone else’s caption, be so kind as to give them a REC. (If you don’t know how to REC something, please ask!) Most REC’s win.

(Please remember site rules. Innuendo = good; profanity = bad.)

Last week’s “Caption This!” battle resulted in a tie, only the 2nd time that’s happened since I’ve been doing the series. Congratulations to jonman and dwanathan for their responses to the following image:

New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
  • “But coach said, we need to come out on fire”

~ jonman

  • “Helmets that catch fire under the lights?

I knew the Patriots would find a way to cheat…”

~ dwanathan

Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants

Here’s my entry for this week:

  • Beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl? Eh, it can be done. Come over to my place and we’ll discuss it. I’ll have Peyton cook us some nachos.