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Dolphins draft picks for 2017: Running through the draft order

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced last week the awarding of compensatory draft picks for the 2017 NFL Draft, an announcement that was surprisingly early in the offseason. The Miami Dolphins picked up three of the 32 extra selections, including the top awarded pick with the 33rd selection in the third round. The Dolphins also added two fifth-round picks in the announcement of the compensatory selections, which brought the team back up to seven selections for the three-day Draft.

The Dolphins had traded picks in the 2017 Draft last year in a move up to select Leonte Carroo as well as in picking up tight end Julius Thomas this year from the Jacksonville Jaguars, though that trade will not be official until March 9.

Miami will begin their draft process with the 22nd pick in the first round. They then will use the 54th overall selection to make a pick in the second round. The third-round compensatory pick will be their only selection in the round, having traded the 86th overall pick to the Minnesota Vikings last year. That compensatory pick is the 97th overall selection.

After not making a pick in the fourth round, with Minnesota holding Miami’s 129th overall selection, the Dolphins have three picks in the fifth rond, starting with the 166th overall pick. They also hold the 178th and 184th picks, both compensatory selections. Finally, they have the 206th overall pick, a sixth-round choice.

The seventh-round pick they currently hold, the 240th overall, will be the pick they send to the Jaguars for Thomas.

This year, the NFL has changed the rules about compensatory picks, allowing them to be traded - which could be the reason for the early announcement of the picks this year.

The Dolphins picks are:

1st Round - 22nd - 22nd overall

2nd Round - 22nd - 54th overall

3rd Round - 33rd* - 97th overall

5th Round - 22nd - 166th overall

5th Round - 34th - 178th overall

5th Round - 40th - 184th overall

6th Round - 22nd - 206th overall