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Bad Lip Reading NFL 2017: What’s in Ryan Tannehill’s hand? Why did Vance Joseph swallow a penny?

The 2016 NFL season is down to just the Super Bowl, which means it is time for the guys over at Bad Lip Reading to give us another round of their exceptional work. The “NFL 2017” video is out now, and you can watch it above. There are appearances from Vance Joseph, Darren Rizzi, Ryan Tannehill, and Cameron Wake. Once again, the guys have done an outstanding job in making regular moments in the NFL seem absolutely hilarious.

Why did Joseph swallow a penny? Why does Rizzi want everyone to go to church? What is Tannehill holding? What mall has Wake’s spaceship?

Also, there are some key Super Bowl story lines that have not been properly covered so far this week. Who has Tom Brady’s nickels? Where are Dan Quinn’s car tires? What does Matt Ryan have to tell everyone? Is Rob Gronkowski on injured reserve because of his pregnancy?

Yeah, it’s definitely worth the six minutes of watch time.

And, I am scared of Randall Cobb now.