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NFL Week 17 winners picks

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Week 17 slate of games is already underway, but I have not yet published my picks. I apologize for that. I was traveling this morning and I thought I would be able to get them done prior to that, but it did not work out in my favor.

Anyway, below you will find my results from Week 16 as well as my picks for Week 17. So far this season, with just this week and the playoffs to go, I dipped slightly to just below 72 percent on the season.

This week is tough with teams resting starters and younger players getting snaps for teams that are out of the playoffs. How will that impact the results for the week?

Here are my results from last week, my overall standings, and my picks for the final week of the regular season:

Week 16 results

Week 16 results: 11-5

Season results: 172-68

Week 17 picks