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#SacksOnTheBeach shirt is back!

This year, I have been working with BreakingT to develop some shirts to help me raise money for the Dolphins Cancer Challenge. Earlier, we sold the “Stop Doubting Us” shirt, which gave us a good start in our efforts. But, now, we bring back a favorite from the past - the “Sacks on the Beach” shirt is here!

As before, all of the proceeds I receive from the sale of this shirt will be donated to the DCC. Help us raise some money for cancer research, and you get to grab a pretty cool shirt in the process.

The last version of the shirt looked a little more green that we wanted. Well, this time, we fixed that and bring it back in the same aqua as the “Stop Doubting Us” shirt - so it should be an even better addition to your collection!

Buy “Sacks on the Beach” here!

And, if you want, the “Stop Doubting Us” shirt is still available. You can buy it here.