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Dolphins Season Comes To An End As Chiefs End Miami’s Playoff Hopes

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs faced off today, on Christmas Eve. Both teams were looking to aid their playoff chances as the Dolphins needed a win to keep them in the hunt. The Chiefs needed to win to clinch the AFC West.

First Half Recap

The Dolphins received the ball first meaning we get to see Smokin’ Jay Cutler first. Cutler finds Kenny Stills on the first play of the game with Stills just short of the first. Kenyan Drake plows his way through for a first down. Jarvis Landry gets the ball jarred loose by Derrick Johnson and the Chiefs recover on third down. Sigh...

The call stands and the Chiefs get the ball. Alex Smith completes two balls to Albert Wilson, both for a first down. Kareem Hunts gets the ball and gets a first down. Chiefs just slicing up the Dolphins now. Now Ndamukong Suh jumps offsides. The Dolphins defense finally holds up and the Chiefs can’t convert near the redzone. Harrison Butker converts a 31 yard field goal. 3 - 0 Chiefs.

Drake takes the ball for 2 yards and the following play Cutler play action pass to Stills for a first down. On the next play, Landry records his 100th reception of the season on a five yard pass. Dolphins still throwing as Cutler completes to DeVante Parker for a first down. Drake finally gets a chance to run and goes for five yards. Play action to Landry who fights his way for the first down. After an incompletion, Jakeem Grants gets in on the action and gets the first down from the throw from Cutler. Cutler overthrows A.J. Derby near the endzone. On 2nd and 10, Drake runs for 11 but holding called on Sam killer. Cutler finds Landry for 11 and it’s now 3rd and 9. Cutler drops the ball when it’s hiked to him, 4th down. Cody Parkey converts the 44 yard field goal. 3 - 3.

A drop from Travis Kelce begins the Chiefs second drive of the day. Hunt gets one yard on second down with a nice stop at the line by the defense. Smith finds Kelce for the first down. Defensive line stuffs the run on the next play as that unit is playing really well up front right now. Smith gets slammed to the ground by Suh, but gets the ball off. However, holding penalty called on the Chiefs and they’re going backwards and it’s now 3rd and 15. And that’s also the end of the first quarter. Score : 3 - 3.

The Chiefs begin the second quarter with a 3rd and 15. Smith completes to Tyreek Hill, in triple coverage down to the 9 yard line. Now the Dolphins get caught with 12 men on the field. After a timeout by the Chiefs, Smith fires incomplete but a nice breakup by Reshad Jones in the endzone. Defensive line steps up again and stuffs the run to the right by Hunt. Smith finds Kelce for the touchdown on 3rd down. 10 - 3 Chiefs.

Two runs from Drake on this drive already as he keeps moving the chains up the middle. Dolphins try to get cute with a Grant pitch, but only gets three yards. Grant catch and run for 26 yards keeps the Dolphins drive going. Drake breaks a tackle at the line and converts for a first down. Creative game plan by the Dolphins offense so far. Dolphins can’t get anything going in the redzone though. Parkey converts the 28 yard field goal. 10 - 6 Chiefs.

Hunt goes up the middle and thanks to a holding call on the defense, the Chiefs get some big yardage and are down near midfield. Smith finds Wilson, would have been six, but the receiver drops the ball. Smith uses his legs to convert the first down. Holding again called on the defense and the Chiefs move further down field. Draw play by Hunt goes for 11 yards and another Chiefs first down. Option play gets the Chiefs down to the redzone as Hunt takes it down the sideline. Hunt up the middle, touchdown. 17 - 6 Chiefs.

Kansas City is rolling on offense and the Dolphins have to find a way to answer or this game is going to get out of hand. The Dolphins begin their drive with 3:34 left in the second quarter. On the first play, Grant just takes off for a 65 yard touchdown. 17 - 13 Chiefs.

Great special teams play as the kick return only goes for 13 yards, credit to Mike Hull. Chiefs convert on second down, but flag nullifies it thanks to blocking downfield by Kelce. On 3rd and 11 Dolphins blitz, but Smith completes it well short of the first. Cameron Wake came untouched and the Dolphins have to call a timeout to stop the clock.

Two timeouts left and the Dolphins would love to get some points before the half. Drake goes up the middle and stopped at the line on the first play. Cutler goes deep on the next play, not sure who he was throwing too though. Cutler throws incomplete on third down and time to punt. Absolutely bad punt by Matt Haack gives the Chiefs great field position around midfield.

Smith misfires to Kelce on the first play as he had the tight end early but looked away. Torry McTyer jumps the route, on the next play, and almost gets the pick. Should have been an interception. Corner blitz by McCain forces a bad throw from Smith. Holding on defense gives the Chiefs a first down though. Big, bad penalty from Wake. McCain bats the ball away from Wilson on the next play. Smith gets nailed by somehow completes deep to Hill...Dolphins can’t catch a break. Now Wake is down but is able to walk off the field. Jordan Phillips, big man in the middle, deflects the pass at the line. He’s been playing really well lately. Short throw the Hill is stopped at the line by Stephone Anthony, as the Chiefs lose a couple yards. Butker converts the 32 yard field goal. 20 - 13 Chiefs. Also the end of the first half.

Second Half Recap

The second half begins with the Chiefs offense at the 35 yard line. Hunt gets stuffed by Phillips on the first play of the third quarter. Smith completes over the middle to Hunt for seven yards and it’s now third down. Smith breaks away from TWO sacks and another defensive holding gives the Chiefs a first down. This defense just can’t get off the field today. After a 9 yard completion, it’s 2nd and 1 and Smith finds Orson Charles down to the seven yard line as Kiko Alonso was in coverage. Big plays are killing the Dolphins defense. Smith wanted Kelce, who was one on one with McCain, but he just fell down during his route. 2nd down in the redzone and Hunt goes up the middle for a gain of four. Smith finds Hill on 3rd down, in the endzone, and it’s incomplete, but Andy Reid is challenging the ruling on the field. Ruling on the field stands though, but it was still an amazing effort by Hill. Butker converts the 21 yard field goal attempt. 23 - 13 Chiefs.

The Dolphins are only down by 10 somehow as the defense is just shooting themselves in the foot. The offense has to bail them out, but can this Cutler led offense do that? Benny Logan comes through the middle, untouched, and it’s a loss of five on the hand off to Drake. Cutler misfires to Drake and it appears this drive was lost after that play on first down. Cutler goes over the middle to Grant but no chance of a first down. Punt.

After another bad punt by Haack, the Chiefs will start around midfield. Screen pass to Wilson is incomplete after he bobbled it. Smith finds Kelce for 18 yards over the middle for a Chiefs first down. Hunt gets stuffed at the line on the very next play. Charles Harris gets through for the sack on Smith! For whatever reason, the Chiefs convert on another long 3rd down and another penalty on the defense. A gain of five on first down thanks to a screen to Hill. Hunt gets a few yards and is close to the first down. The defense stop Hill short of the first down but Chiefs going for it. The defense stepped up, mostly Reshad Jones, as they stop Hunt again short of the first. Turnover on downs.

Cutler completes to Parker on the slant for the first down, followed by a run up the middle by Drake for four yards. Drake up the middle again, breaking tackles for the first down. Cutler throws for Stills, but Stills is knocked over by the defender but no pass interference. Cutler finds Stills over the middle wide open, but Stills is stripped by Marcus Peters and the Chiefs get the ball back. Literally ripped the ball out of Stills’ hands.

Dolphins jump offsides, AGAIN and Hunt goes up the middle on the next play for three yards. Play action but Smith uses his feet to convert the first. McCain gets a hold of Hill in the backfield, but can’t bring him down as he gets seven yards. The Chiefs get the first as Hunt runs up the middle. End of the third quarter.

Smith fires downfield for Kelce, who catches it with one hand, but can’t hold onto it. Should have been six. Chandrick West takes the short pass and goes down to the three yard line. Finally a holding call called on the Chiefs and they go backwards on second down. Smith finds Hunt in before the line of scrimmage, but he falls down and only gets a couple of yards. Smith fires incomplete on third down thanks to some great defensive line pressure. 26 yard field goal by Butker is good. 26 - 13 Chiefs.

Cutler slings over the middle to Landry for a big chunk of yards. Cutler throws a ‘living on a prayer’ ball to Parker into double coverage and Parker somehow comes down with it. Where has that been all year? Drake takes the hand off and only gets about a yard as the Dolphins are in the redzone thanks to that previous play. Cutler throws for Derby and misses him pretty badly followed by unnecessary roughness on Ted Larsen after the play. Too many mental errors. It’s now 3rd and 24 and Cutler throws too high for Grant. Parkey misses the 48 yard field goal, his second miss of the season.

Two straight runs from Hunt get the Chiefs seven yards. Smith finds Harris for the first down and the Chiefs are at the 49 of Miami. Chiefs lineman called for false start and it’s now 1st and 15. Hunt goes for two yards followed by a gain of four and the Chiefs are facing another third down. A screen to Wilson gets them the first and that probably does it unless the Chiefs make a mistake. Two straight runs from Hunt doesn’t get the Chiefs any yardage. The defense manages to stop the Chiefs offense and they’re going for the field goal. Butker’s kick hits the upright but bounces’s been one of those days for the Chiefs. 29 -13 Chiefs.

False start called on Young, 1st and 15 now. Incomplete to Landry followed by a first down to Stills. Cutler finds Stills downfield, but pass interference called on Stills. Chiefs eventually take over on downs and that’s all she wrote with 2:32 left in the game.

Butker misses an attempt from 46, but it really doesn’t matter at this point with 1:55 left.

Chiefs win 29 - 13.

Immediate Reactions

It’s finally over. The Dolphins 2017 season is over with one week left to play. The team was so inconsistent that they looked like a playoff team at times and then would look like a dumpster fire the next week. The team will be getting some players back next season, mainly Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. The Chiefs capitalized on the Dolphins mistakes while the Dolphins would find some rhythm and would then proceed to shoot themselves in the foot.

The Dolphins will face off against the Buffalo Bills next week as the 2017 regular season comes to an end.