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Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Gilmore, Happy Endings

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I hope you get a combination of all those things in the near future.

Geelong Cats Celebrate 2016 Season With 'Wacky Wednesday' Party Photo by Scott Barbour/AFL Media/Getty Images

We’re all busy. Places to go. Things to do. You’re dreading your Aunt Wanda smearing her cheap lipstick on your cheeks, not to mention the concoction of 10 perfumes she puts on is the olfactory equivalent of Windex and cat piss. Uncle Bob will want to tell his life story that you’ve already heard 27 times before - and he’s already drunk so you know it’ll be extra long-winded.

Take a Jay Cutler smoke break with me and let’s get realigned with our inner chi, shall we?

First of all, I am damn proud of this website and everyone associated with it. Kevin, who was able to run the site on a different continent, not only works his ass off to keep us up-to-date, but also gave me my first opportunity in sports writing and podcasting. I’m grateful.

To my podcast mates MC$ and Houtz, you’re like family. I talk to you more than my mother. Love working with you guys and look forward to building our fan base from 12 people to 13 people...or maybe even more!

To all the contributors, old and new, your work speaks for itself and I’m proud to be your colleague. It can be hard writing about a team whose consistency is questioned more than Jello. Y’all do great work, and I wholeheartedly expect you to keep it up.

To all the FanPosters, commenters, and silent lurkers, you make this community what it is. You dig into tape, you question things, you have hot takes that turn into cold takes real fast, you share your knowledge, you challenge others. Most importantly, you’ve subscribed to the currency we believe in at the Phinsider: informed argumentation. message boards have plenty of cyberspace for you to barf your unfounded postulates upon - think of message boards as airsickness bags. We demand more from our participants, and I want to thank each and every one of you for buying into that philosophy. We are a community.

Don’t forget to share articles with your friends on all the variety of social media platforms that are out there, REC articles from contributors if they deserve it (we do this for free, after all...the feedback can go a long way), REC comments by commenters if they deserve it (you invest your time making a comment and a simple click of the REC can make that investment worthwhile).

I really wish I could individually thank everyone in our community, but my gut tells me your attention span couldn’t handle it. You’re literally proving my point as I see you eyeing that Christmas Ale. Go ahead, be merry.

Happy everything to my Fins Up Family.