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Reid's Success Provides Hope For Dolphin Fans

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Quick -- which NFL coach has accomplished more over the past eighteen seasons and gotten the least amount of credit for it? Who is the guy who, in fourteen years with the Philadelphia Eagles, brought home six division titles and made five NFC Championship game appearances? Who is the man that sent nineteen Eagles players to a league-high 44 Pro Bowls? Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has been in the NFL since 1992, and a head coach since '99, but because has yet to win a Super Bowl, he isn't appreciated the way he should be. As has been the case with legendary Dolphins QB Dan Marino, we tend to want to dismiss everything the man has accomplished simply because he never brought home a Lombardi trophy. league-high 44 Pro Bowls?

Most Dolphin fans are unaware of just how close Reid came to becoming Miami's coach a few years ago; according to reports out of South Florida in late 2011, just before Tony Sparano was given the ax, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was set to hire Reid in the event he was let go by Philadelphia. Unfortunately, Andy lasted one more year in the city of brotherly love, and Ross instead turned to Joe Philbin. The very next year, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie fired Reid, to make way for Chip Kelly, and he was hired by the Chiefs five days later. Reid's success has continued seamlessly in Kansas City; in his first season with the team, he not only made the playoffs but in just his third game with his new team, he went back to Philadelphia as a visiting coach and knocked off the Eagles in their own building. Today, Reid's Chiefs have qualified for the postseason in three of his four years there while Kelly, once regarded as an offensive wunderkind in league circles, washed out in Philadelphia and San Francisco and has returned to the college ranks.

Reid's NFL career will almost certainly end with a Hall of Fame induction someday, but for now, he continues his quest for that elusive championship. As an offensive-minded head coach who has been successful everywhere he's been, he gives Dolphin fans reason for optimism. Could Miami head coach Adam Gase someday accomplish similar feats? We can certainly hope so.