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Phinsider Radio - Should we root for the Dolphins to make the playoffs or tank and what should Miami do in the 2018 offseason?

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This week, we talk about the Dolphins playoff hopes, whether or not they should tank, and the 2018 offseason.

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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It’s a late edition of Phinsider Radio this week due to some illness running around the Phinsider Radio crew. However, we were determined and steadfast in coming together to record this show for all of our loyal listeners (all 13 of you).

This week, we explained why the sky is not falling for the Miami Dolphins and why the playoffs aren’t such a longshot when you really break it down and look at it. We give you all the scenarios and what the Dolphins need to do to secure a playoff spot for the second consecutive year.

But, even with the playoffs in sight, there are fans who would rather see the Dolphins lose the last two games and get a better draft position. We discuss that line of thinking and give both sides of the argument.

If the Dolphins were to make the playoffs, could they make any noise with their up and down team? We hit key points on the defense, Jay Cutler, the WR corps and more.

We use those same points to debate what the Dolphins should do this upcoming offseason. Should they draft a quarterback to back up Ryan Tannehill? Can Kenyan Drake be a featured back? What about DeVante Parker? Do you trade him or give him one more year? Cameron Wake is aging - is it time to part ways with him?

Since the Dolphins lost on Sunday, we bring back our Phinsider Radio press conference, featuring Houtz as Defensive Coordinator Matt Burke, Sutton as Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen and MC$ as Head Coach Adam Gase.

Finally, we take a final look at the upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs and what the Dolphins need to do to take home a victory.

Join us for an hour of fun and excitement on Phinsider Radio!

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