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Miami Dolphins Tape Study: What Happened Here? Week 15, Buffalo Bills Edition

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I found a play where we didn’t suck!

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the gist of our new Phinsider series: we look at game tape as a Miami Dolphins family - and instead of just blindly accepting someone else’s conclusions, we form our own.

I’ll save the whole “we’re inconsistent/bipolar/schizophrenic/a rollercoaster/up-and-down/topsy turvy” team spiel. You know it; I know it.

I’m proud to proclaim this is the 1st installment of the “What Happened Here?” series that involves special teams: a Jakeem Grant punt return.

Grant, in my opinion, has done a more effective job as a returner in 2017. He’s a more decisive returner now (stringing fewer returns east and west that result in negative yardage) and has not shown the same case of fumblitis that he demonstrated in his rookie campaign.

Context: 4th quarter, 10:05 seconds remaining, Buffalo up 24-6, punt from own 10.

Here’s a horizontal look...

Here’s a vertical look...

What happened here? Why did this play work?


Why did this play work?

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  • 14%
    Buffalo gunners stymied
    (26 votes)
  • 16%
    Solid downfield blocking after the catch
    (28 votes)
  • 59%
    Jakeem Grant’s vision/elusiveness
    (104 votes)
  • 9%
    Shut up, SUTTON. The city of Buffalo is crap, but then again, so is your brain cell count.
    (17 votes)
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