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Believe it or not, the Dolphins still have a chance at making the playoffs

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

That’s right, I did not stutter. The 2017 Miami Dolphins who currently bolster an abysmal 6-8 record, could still make the playoffs. I repeat, the team that has been “in the hunt” for the last several weeks, who we all thought had a 0% chance after a disappointing loss to the Bills, still have a chance at postseason glory.

Here’s how things must play out....

So as you can see based on the above picture, the following must happen in order for the Dolphins to make the playoffs.

  1. The Miami Dolphins must defeat both the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.
  2. The Tennessee Titans must lose to both the L.A Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars.
  3. The Oakland Raiders and L.A Chargers must lose one of their final two games.
  4. The New England Patriots must beat the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

In a perfect world, all of these things will happen and the Dolphins will be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Wild-Card round. After all, Miami will want vengeance for the 62-7 thrashing the Jags unleashed on them back in 2000.

I’m not sure if the Dolphins will make the playoffs, God knows they don’t deserve it. But until this team is mathematically eliminated, PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!!!!