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2018 NFL Draft Scouting Notes

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Throughout the season, we will take a look around college football and break down potential prospects for the Miami Dolphins.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson - (RS) Sophomore & Austin Bryant, DE, Clemson - Junior

Ferrell is a popular name that has been in various mock drafts and scouting notes throughout the scouting community as of late. I previously mentioned in a short write-up about his teammate Christian Wilkins that I thought of him and opposite DE Austin Bryant as risky prospects because Wilkins has demanded much attention. Well, I’ve got a couple games worth of film down on both of the DE’s and here’s what I’ve seen so far.

Ferrell plays with great hand use. He keeps linemen off him and keeps his eyes on the ball. He likes to rush the passer and when he sees an opportunity he does have a decent burst. However, as of right now, I don’t see an overly dominate player. He struggles against the double team, he’s a decent athlete but looks uncomfortable in coverage, he’s not super quick off the ball and I think he could put on more bulk. He is a good pass rusher but rarely uses pass rushing moves. Now, he’s a very young prospect and he’s very raw. Which is why I think he needs to stay in school because he’s got potential to be a great pass rusher and maybe even end up being a high draft pick, but he’s got to develop more. Right now, I don’t see a first round pick. I do see potential though and I think it would be best for this young man to stay and continue to learn and improve at Clemson.

Bryant is a little bit different type of DE. He’s a good size DE, stout and plays with good football IQ. He shows good technique and clearly knows his job and responsibilities on the field. He’s great at recognizing the play, experienced in coverage, and shows great strength. However, he, like Ferrell is raw and he can also rush the passer but he needs to expand on his pass rushing moves. I think he’s a little more well-rounded than Ferrell and of the two of them I think he’s more ready for the NFL but I still don’t see a first round player. I think it would do them both good to stay at Clemson because they both are talented guys and will get better; no doubt in my mind. I just think they are a little overrated at this time. Best thing for both of them; stay in school, let Wilkins go the NFL then dominate next season and prove how great they can be.

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Yosuah Nijman, OT, Virginia Tech - Junior

I noticed Nijman a little while ago, actually against Ferrell. I thought he did an amazing job. He was quick, great hands, showed great strength and discipline. I was very impressed. I need to get a couple more games down on him but he’s an NFL talent and potential starter at OT in the NFL. He can kick slide, has a good base and understands leverage. I think he can improve in the running game but so far I’ve been very impressed with Nijman and will be monitoring if the junior declares.

Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon - Senior

Crosby is a stout, thick, strong anchor type OT. He uses his hands well, has a great base, is a very solid pass protector, and is obviously very strong. Now, in the running game, he’s got all the skills; he can get to the 2nd level, he can drive opponents into the dirt but he’s inconsistent. I certainly see potential in him. Now the biggest downside I see is that he’s not quick. That concerns me in regards to him sticking to OT. Now, I believe he could move into guard and blossom, that remains to be seen though. I’m still going through tape on a lot of these guys and Crosby really stuck out to me as a potential interior linemen target for the Dolphins.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest - Senior

I’ve been meaning to get more tape of Ejiofor for about a month now and I finally got a chance to sit down and go through his film. My initial impression is very good. This kid has NFL talent. He’s got some of the most effective hands I’ve scouted this year. I mean he sheds blocks like crazy. He’s a terrific pass rusher, using multiple different moves to get after the QB, has pretty good bend, and is able to run the arch/get around OTs. I think he’s solid against the run too; keeps his eyes on the ball and rarely misses tackles. I don’t think he’s overly athletic, he’s not that quick off the ball and I don’t think he’s ever recognized a screen pass. Now, I am joking with that last one, but he needs to recognize plays better in the NFL. All in all, I am impressed with Ejiofor I think he’s a solid 2nd round pick. I still have a couple games on him and he may rise up on my board and it’s still early. I leave it at this; I think he’s a great pass rusher that isn’t a liability in the running game and could potentially compete for immediate playing time.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ade Aruna, DE, Tulane - Senior

Aruna is a DE with great size, athleticism and potential. He’s a big guy and has room to get even bigger. He’s also pretty athletic for his size too which could be scary. Now, he’s raw; at this point in his career I see him as a mid round -late rounder developmental guy. However, he’s a pretty good pass rusher already. He uses mainly the rip move and the bull rush to apply pressure but he also has the ability to run the arch around OTs (he does look a bit stiff but he can bend when running around tackles). Aruna is intriguing to me. He needs to shed blocks better, get quicker off the ball, expand his pass rushing moves and have bigger impacts on games but with good coaching and learning, he could develop into a solid pro. Now, I watched 2 games of him so not a lot of tape. I really have no real idea on what draft grade to give him. I just wanted to include him in this edition because I see a good football player in him. Watch his film; he loves to rush the passer and get sacks. Even when his teammate gets a sack, he sometimes celebrates more than they did. It’s awesome to see true love for the game.

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