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NFL Picks 2017 Week 14

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Week 14 is here, with some really interesting games on the schedule this weekend. The Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs should be a good game, as should the Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers. Later on today, the Seattle Seahawks at Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams both look to be great games. The Sunday night game with the Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers could also be a worthwhile contest.

And, on Monday Night Football this week are the New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins. Miami typically plays New England tough when the game is in Hard Rock Stadium, and after three poor prime time performances earlier this year, they should be looking to prove they are better than what we have seen thus far. The Patriots will be without Rob Gronkowski, who received a one-game suspension after an unnecessary roughness penalty last week, and the Dolphins defense will not have to worry about trying to solve their difficulties covering tight ends while facing the game’s top tight end.

I am actually taking the Dolphins to upset the Patriots this week, mostly because it is in Miami. Hopefully that proves to be a correct prediction.

On the season, I am still sitting at 71 percent correct for my picks.

Let us go ahead and get to last week’s results and this week’s picks:

Week 13 Results

Week 13 results: 12-4

2017 season results: 137-55

Week 14 Picks