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Mike Pouncey next Dolphins skills position diva? Which OL would make best skills player?

NFL: International Series-New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, SB Nation asks each of the NFL sites a question about their team. This week’s question is “Which offensive lineman on your team would make the best skills position player?” Yes, that is the real question for this week, and yes, it is one with which we can be a little lighthearted. So, time to have some fun.

The Miami Dolphins offensive line has struggled this year, which does not really surprise anyone who has watched the team. While it is not all their fault - running backs missing blitz pickups or tight ends missing a chip does not help - it has been a frustration for every Dolphins fan this season. But, what if we are looking at the offensive line wrong? What if they should not be on the line, but rather should be a skills position player for the tea?

The Dolphins’ starting lineup on the offensive line is Laremy Tunsil, Jesse Davis, Mike Pouncey, Jermon Bushrod, and Ja’Wuan James. Behind them, the team has Sam Young, Ted Laresen, Jake Brendel, Isaac Asiata, and the newly signed Zach Sterup. We will go ahead and rule out the backups, simply because they are not starting, so it would be hard to envision them as effective skills position players.

James appears to be hurt with a hamstring issue right now, so we will skip him because we do not need a new skills position player with the same issues as DeVante Parker has battled at wide receiver the last couple of years.

That leaves Davis, Pouncey, Bushrod, and Tunsil. Bushrod comes out because if I am going to move someone to a skill position, I am not likely to spend the time making the transition with a 33 year old guard - trying to use logic in a very odd question for this week.

I am simply laughing as I write all of this - but it is kind of fun.

So, Davis, Pouncey, or Tunsil?

Tunsil skipped running a 40-yard dash prior to the 2016 NFL Draft, and I need a skills player that will show off his skills, so for that, I’m out.

Which brings us to Davis or Pouncey.

And, I am going to go with the guy with the athleticism that has been shown throughout his career - Pouncey. We have routinely seen Pouncey in the second-level, taking on linebackers as he pulls from his center position.

Now, that said, Davis dominates Pouncey with a 30.5 inch vertical as compared to Pouncey’s 25 inch leap. They both ran a 5.28 second 40-yard dash. And, Davis’ hips are not a threat to explode at any time.

But, I still think lining Pouncey up in the backfield and letting him run with the ball would be the better choice - and I would probably be pretty funny too.

And, it would prove that the Dolphins’ Pouncey is a better athlete than his twin brother, Pittsburgh Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey - who was not the choice of Behind the Steel Curtain for this question. Just sad.

I do have to question Pouncey’s hands, though. Do you want to see him out there catching passes in the flat? Hmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink this a little.

Your turn. Have some fun with today’s question - which Dolphins offensive lineman would make the best skills position player?