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Raiders at Dolphins final score and immediate reactions in Week 9

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders have concluded their Sunday night showdown. The Raiders defeated the Dolphins 27 - 24.

First Half Recap

First off, let’s start with a big shout out to the goat long snapper, John Denney. Denney is playing in his 200th consecutive game joining only Dan Marino and Jason Taylor in Dolphins history.

In the first quarter, the Oakland Raiders received the ball first. Marshawn Lynch had a hard time running as he was constantly swarmed by Dolphin defenders. The Raiders must have seen something on tape, because Derek Carr was completing passes to David Cook, who was covered by Kiko Alonso. Cook had 3 catches for 59 yards on the first drive. The Dolphins defense tightened up though and forced the Raiders to take a field goal.

The Dolphins got the ball next, with Damien Williams starting. He found a couple of yards, but there is just no running room. Jay Cutler looked good as he was spreading the ball around. But two penalties on the offensive line ended all hopes of scoring and the Dolphins were forced to punt.

Raiders can’t do anything on their second drive. Carr throws to Amari Cooper on third down, but it’s incomplete.

Dolphins start there second drive with Kenyan Drake in the backfield. Drake catches a pass for three yards and Cutler finds DeVante Parker short of the first down. Dolphins are facing a 3rd and 1 as the first quarter comes to a close.

End of the first. Raiders 3, Dolphins 0.

Back for the second quarter as Williams gets the first down on a short run. Big block by Jesse Davis to secure that one. Drake breaks through for 10 yards on the next play plus a penalty on the Raiders gives the Dolphins even more yards. Dolphins somehow keep the drive going after a penalty on Jermon Bushrod. Cutler finds Parker for a BIG third down conversion and the Dolphins are just short of the redzone. The running backs are really involved in the passing game so far. Williams converts on 2nd and 10 on a short catch and the team is in the redzone. TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!!! Williams breaks tackles after a pass from Cutler. Cody Parkey missed the extra point though. Dolphins 6, Raiders 3.

Dolphins go with an onside kick and the Dolphins recover it. Parkey redeems himself and recovers it! Julius Thomas finally breaks through some guys and almost converts on second down. MarQueis Gray takes the hand off to keep the drive going as he crosses the yellow line. Cutler still hasn’t thrown an incompletion as he finds Thomas for 15 yards. Drake takes the hand off and tragedy happens as he fumbles the ball and the Raiders recover. Bummer.

Carr finds Cook wide open over the middle and takes it down to the 46 yard line. Michael Crabtree takes a screen for the first down, but Raiders are penalized after the play. Raiders called for another penalty, going backwards now. Even more laundry on the Raiders, keep going backwards as it’s 1st and 25. Cook gets 12 yards back though. Raiders somehow convert after all that loss yardage. Carr fires for the endzone and touchdown. Johnny Holton with the catch against Reshad Jones. Raiders 10, Dolphins 6.

Dolphins get the ball at the 20 after Jakeem Grant trips on the kick return. Two short passes have the Dolphins facing a 3rd and 4. Raiders penalized for encroachment, first down Miami at the two minute warning. Williams is really involved tonight as he catches two straight. Personal foul on Raiders gives the Dolphins even more yards. Cutler was 16/16, but a tipped pass at the line ends that streak and ends the Dolphins drive. Parkey makes a 49 yard field goal. Raiders 10, Dolphins 9.

Carr finds Cooper over the middle and they’re near midfield. Carr gets pressured and almost gets picked by Alonso. Carr goes deep for Cooper but incomplete with Maurice Smith in coverage. Carr finds Cook, and there’s one second left before the half ends. Giorgio Tavecchio makes a 53 yard field goal. Raiders 13, Dolphins 9.

Second Half Recap

Dolphins will take the field first and will start at the 25 yard line. Cutler throws incomplete to Thomas on the first play. Williams takes the hand off for eight yards but a penalty on Jesse Davis brings the ball back as it is now 2nd and 20. False start on Davis puts the team at 2nd and 25 now. The drive stalls after those penalties. Punt.

Lynch finally finds some running room at the start of this drive. Carr finds Cooper to put the Raiders in Dolphins territory. Lynch takes it up the middle and takes it into the endzone. Raiders 20, Dolphins 9.

Cutler finds Drake short, but converts for the first down. Lot of short passing going on so far. Drake breaks through for a HUGE gain of 42 yards. Cutler completes to Jarvis Landry for five, then to Kenny Stills for a first down. TOUCHDOWN LANDRY! Raiders 20, Dolphins 16.

After an incompletion and a screen, Raiders fail to convert on third down. Big stop by Bobby McCain on third down.

Dolphins offense goes three and out.

The Raiders start with two short runs, with Jalen Richard, and Cook converts on a short throw. Two short runs from Richard again and the third quarter comes to an end.

End of the third. Raiders 20, Dolphins 16.

Carr finds Copper for the first down. Lynch fights for a tough eight yards, Dolphins defense has been struggling tonight. A toss to Richard loses two yards. Seth Roberts drops the catch and a penalty on Donald Penn puts the Raiders at 3rd and 14. Ndamukong Suh with knocks the ball out of Carr’s throwing hand and the Dolphins take over! Raiders offensive lineman picked up the ball, but he also fumbled. Suh went to the locker room however, as he took a while to get up.

Beautiful play by Williams on a short pass is negated by a Landry hold. These penalties are getting monotonous already. 1st and 12 now. Drake takes the ball for 2 yards and Cutler throw incomplete on the next play after avoiding a ton of pressure. Dolphins can’t capitalize after that great play from Suh. That is frustrating.

Good news though. Suh is back from the locker room and is out on the field. Raiders take over at the 10. A short run and an incomplete set the Raiders up for a 3rd and 8. Raiders have to call a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. A dropped pass by Crabtree ends the drive!

Dolphins take over at the 45 after a Raiders punt. Drake with a run up the middle, holding on Mike Pouncey though. Flags for everyone!!! 1st and 20 coming up. Cutler finally airs one out for Parker, but misses his wide receiver. Ja’Wuan James was injured on the play and is being looked at on the field. James gets up but needs help to walk off the field. Sam Young takes over for James and he’ll need help against Khalil Mack. And just like that, pressure from the right side and Cutler is sacked. Penalties are killing these drives. Punting again.

Matt Haack’s punt puts the Raiders inside the 20. Defense needs to make a stop again. To make matters worse, James is heading to the locker room. Raiders start with a Lynch run for two yards. Carr finds Crabtree over the middle for a first down. 3rd and 6, Carr has to call a timeout to avoid a delay of play penalty. Carr finds Roberts for the first down and a penalty on the defense moves the Raiders further down field. That may do it. Howard called for a PI in the endzone puts the ball at the three yard line. Lynch scores. Raiders 27, Dolphins 16.

After two short throws, Cutler finds Thomas down the sideline for a big gain. A botched snap and it’s now third down. Kenny Stills drops the pass and the Dolphins are going for it on fourth down. Cutler finds Thomas and he’s slow to get up. Guess what though, another holding penalty. This is ridiculous already. So many blown opportunities. Dolphins can’t convert on 4th and 19. That is probably all she wrote for this one.

Um, Reshad Jones gets a pick. Why were the Raiders even throwing? Dolphins get the ball near the 15 and Cutler finds Stills for the first and a roughing the passer penalty. Cutler completes to Parker for another first. Cutler finds Parker on the next play, with Parker making a beautiful one handed catch. Catch ruled incomplete but it appears Parker’s knee was down before going out of bounds. Call is overturned. What a catch. Touchdown Julius Thomas! Drake barrels his way in for the two point conversion. 1:32 left. Raiders 27, Dolphins 24.

Dolphins attempt the onside kick and can’t do it. That’s the ball game.

Final score: Raiders 27, Dolphins 24.

Next Week

The Dolphins will have yet another prime time game, Monday night, as the team will travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to take on the Carolina Panthers.