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NFL Power Rankings Week 11 2017: Dolphins ugly on-field performance makes for ugly rankings

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Miami Dolphins v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We should all probably face the facts - this week’s NFL power rankings tour around the web will not be pretty. At least it cannot look as bad as whatever that was the Miami Dolphins did last night on Monday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers. There is a lot of ugly right now, and the power rankings are going to show it.

The Dolphins now get to finally play their Week 1 game, facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game delayed by Hurricane Irma. Can Miami figure out whatever is wrong with them during this week and get back to at least looking like a football team?

Let’s take a look at this week’s rankings:

SB Nation

Week 11 Ranking: 28

Last Week: 18

Comments: No comments

Niners Nation

Week 11 Ranking: 21

Last Week: 21

Comments: No comments.

Bleeding Green Nation

Week 11 Ranking: 29

Last Week: 27

Comments: How the hell does this Dolphins team have four wins? They’re awful. Outscored by 112 to 45 in their last three games.

USA Today

Week 11 Ranking: 21

Last Week: 23

Comments: Torture defined - watching this team in prime time three weeks in a row. At least Kenyan Drake finally notched Miami's first rushing TD of 2017.

Yahoo! Sports

Week 11 Ranking: 25

Last Week: 24

Comments: Are we sure Adam Gase is a good coach? I know Jay Cutler was taken off the scrap heap, though Gase seemed to stand on the table for him. But you watch this awful Dolphins offense — if you were anywhere near Twitter in August you heard an NFL reporter or 50 call it The Best Team Cutler Had Ever Played On — it’s hard to be impressed with Gase’s play-calling.

Week 11 Ranking: 28

Last Week: 28

Comments: Do the Dolphins feel like the worst 4-5 team ever? Perhaps that's a tad strong, but Miami fans aren't defending the mediocre record on social media. Not after falling to the Ravens 40-zip on "Thursday Night Football." Or 20-nothing to the Jets in London. After getting manhandled at the point of attack -- and on the scoreboard -- Monday night, Adam Gase's group has now been embarrassed three times in front of a national audience. The Dolphins' point differential is minus-87. That means they're losing by an average of 9.7 points per game. There are quality, prideful players on this team, like Cameron Wake. Methinks we'll see a rebound. How strong? Mmmmm ... uhhhh ... well ...

CBS Sports

Week 11 Ranking: 22

Last Week: 22

Comments: At 4-5, they have major issues on offense. They just aren't good enough on that side of the ball.

Bleacher Report

Week 11 Ranking: 26

Last Week: 22

Comments: No comments.

Washington Post

Week 11 Ranking: 25

Last Week: 25

Comments: Did the Dolphins have any real interest in playing that game at Carolina Monday night?

Sports Illustrated

Week 11 Ranking: 23

Last Week: 23

Comments: No comments.


Week 11 Ranking: 24

Last Week: 22

Comments: Miami is still in the race, but the Dolphins have shown few signs of life over the last month.

Sporting News

Week 11 Ranking: 21

Last Week: 20

Comments: Remember when it was the offense that was all blank? Now the defense has turned into total rank.

Chicago Tribune

Week 11 Ranking: 19

Last Week: 18

Comments: Jay Cutler hasn’t played particularly well, and they are getting next to nothing from the running game.


Week 11 Average: 24

Week 10 Average: 22

Change: -2

Highest Week 9 Ranking: 19 (Chicago Tribune)

Lowest Week 9 Ranking: 29 (Bleeding Green Nation)

Highest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 9 - Week 8 (CBS Sports)

Lowest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 29 - Week 11 (Bleeding Green Nation)

Highest Average Weekly Ranking: 15 - Week 3/8

Lowest Average Weekly Ranking: 27 - Week 5