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AFC Playoff Picture after Week 10: Dolphins get blown out, somehow still in playoff picture

Miami Dolphins v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins were once again embarrassed on prime-time coverage last night when they lost 45-21 to the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football. The loss moves the Dolphins to 4-5 on the year, a game below .500. The loss, however, does not knock them out of realistic playoff chances, somehow. If the team can find a spark over the next couple of weeks - which could be tough given no bye week, two games against the New England Patriots (including a Monday Night Football game), and a game at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs - they could still make a surprise playoff push.

Improbable, but not impossible.

What did the loss last night do to the AFC playoff standings? We update for Miami’s 4-5 record:

AFC Playoff Picture

(1) Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2, AFC North leader)
(2) New England Patriots (7-2, AFC East leader)
(3) Kansas City Chiefs (6-3, AFC West leader)
(4) Tennessee Titans (6-3, AFC South)
(5) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3, Wildcard 1 leader)
(6) Buffalo Bills (5-4, Wildcard 2 leader)

Baltimore Ravens (4-5)
Oakland Raiders (4-5)
Miami Dolphins (4-5)
New York Jets (4-6)
Houston Texans (3-6)
Cincinnati Bengals (3-6)
Los Angeles Chargers (3-6)
Denver Broncos (3-6)
Indianapolis Colts (3-7)
Cleveland Browns (0-9)