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Titans At Dolphins final score, recap, and reactions

After yesterdays win against the Titans, let’s do a quick recap of the action.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphin Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Dolphins ended their two game losing streak yesterday as the team was able to beat the Tennessee Titans 16 - 10.

The Dolphins offense, like the past two weeks, was stagnant. Jay Ajayi was able to find some good runs but the blocking, both pass and run, is just atrocious. If the team cannot get Ajayi rolling, they’re going to struggle as teams are going to force the Dolphins to beat them with Jay Cutler’s arm.

For 90% of the game, Jay Cutler was having a terrible time. There were times when Cutler would drop back and immediately be forced to throw or run for his life. The offensive line was doing a poor job of protecting their quarterback and the fans were not happy.

Fans were calling for Cutler’s head as they starting chanting “We want Moore!”, referring to backup QB Matt Moore. But there is blame all around. The o-line was terrible and the receivers are running the wrong routes or just dropping the ball. Yes, some of Cutler’s throws were pretty bad, as he did try to do too much on one play and threw a pick. But the supporting casts is just not doing him any favors at the moment.

In the fourth quarter though, Cutler and Gase finally got into a rhythm as Cutler was finally able to lead a touchdown drive. Cutler connected with Jarvis Landry and the offensive touchdown drought came to an end.

The lone bright spot was the Dolphins defense. The defensive line was punishing one of the best o-lines in football all day. Matt Cassel was under constant pressure. One one sack, Kiko Alonso popped the ball out and sent it 10 yards down the field where it was recovered by Reshad Jones. Everyone quit on the play, but not Jones as he ran it back for a touchdown. Jones and Alonso were all over the place. There really was no bad performance on defense and the unit appeared dominant.

A win is a win and the Dolphins are 2-2. The team will head to Atlanta next week to take on the Falcons.