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Dolphins Investigating OL Coach Chris Foerster After Incriminating Video Is Released

Videos shows the offensive line coach snorting a white substance

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins are one of the most interesting teams to follow this year. The team loses their starting quarterback before the first preseason game, Lawrence Timmons goes AWOL, and now they are investing their offensive line coach, Chris Foerster.

A video was posted showing Foerster snorting a white substance and talking to whoever he was sending the video to. I will not post the video as he does use expletive language at one point.

The Dolphins are aware of the video, but are unsure on how old it is. But they believe it is from the Dolphins offices as the desk resembles the ones they use.

Foerster’s job is on the line and if (or when) he gets canned, Chris Kuper (assistant o-line) would be a candidate to take over those duties.


Apparently Kijuana Nige, an exotic dancer, released a statement for she was the one that put the video out there.