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Pundit Predictions: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

Find out who the experts are picking between the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee Titan v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins will be looking to put an end to their current two-game slide when they finally return to south Florida to face the Tennessee Titans. With Sunday's home debut approaching quickly, let's examine what the experts are saying about this weekend's contest.

David Steele - Sporting News

Prediction: Titans win 27-14

Steele's analysis:

The Jay Cutler honeymoon ended faster than anyone expected, as did the notion that knowing Adam Gase’s system after that one year in Chicago would make this a seamless fit. The quarterback situation is far more problematic on the other sideline, though, with Marcus Mariota’s hamstring and that his backup is … Matt Cassel. Yes, you’re spared the obvious and deserved quarterback-depth lecture.

Elliot Harrison -

Prediction: Titans win 20-17

Harrison's analysis:

Will Marcus Mariota be under center for the Titans? That's the important question in this matchup of two teams that got flattened last week. Tennessee's defense was manhandled by the Texans. Miami's offense couldn't handle anything the Saints threw at it. What's really puzzling is that no one would I.D. Houston or New Orleans as a dominant team. If Mariota can't go, the outcome will rest on Matt Cassel's shoulders. Really, though, could the journeyman signal caller play any worse than Jay Cutler has been?

Chris Simms - Bleacher Report

Prediction: Dolphins win 20-17

Simms' analysis:

If the Tennessee Titans have to rely on Matt Cassel at quarterback, it could cause the team problems against the Miami Dolphins. Pass defense has been Miami's biggest weakness this season, and Cassel isn't equipped to fully take advantage of it.


Ultimately, though, this isn't a good matchup for the Titans. The Dolphins are allowing fewer than 80 rushing yards per game and will be able to gear up to stop the run even more with Cassel under center. If Miami can get the run game going, Jay Cutler and Adam Gase should be able to cook up enough big plays in the pass game to come out on top.

James Walker - ESPN

Prediction: Dolphins win 17-14

Walker's analysis:

The Dolphins allowed 235 rushing yards in last year's loss to the Titans. However, Miami is vastly improved in that area, allowing just 3.1 yards per rush and 78 yards per game this season. If the Titans can't run, they are in trouble against the Dolphins, especially with the uncertainty of Mariota (hamstring).

How do you think the Dolphins will fare in their return to Miami? Tell us your predictions in the comments below.