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Dolphins best additions for 2017 is Charles Harris

Which new addition to the Dolphins’ 2017 roster has proved most beneficial after four weeks?

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins added defensive end Charles Harris in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. A talented pass rusher being added to the defense, giving the team more ways to threaten opposing quarterbacks is always a good addition. Adding a player who can be the heir apparent to Cameron Wake is an outstanding move for the team.

This year, Harris only has two tackles, but his presence is starting to be felt. “Yes, the last game I though he was disruptive, high energy,” head coach Adam Gase said of Harris’ development early this season. “He was flying around the field. That was what we’ve been expecting. You can throw the stats out the window. That doesn’t mean anything to me. When the quarterback feels you and he’s getting rid of the ball because he feels like you’re creating pressure on the side of the ball you’re rushing from or in the run game, if you’re doing your job, which our defense has been the majority of the time, where everybody is playing team defense, that’s why the run game has changed.”

Harris nearly had a strip-sack on quarterback Drew Brees last weekend against the New Orleans Saints. He fired off the ball, ducked under the offensive tackle, and hit Brees’ arm just a second too late. Brees had thrown the ball, but Harris looked like a disruptive pass rush, ready to start making an impact on the game.

He looked like Cameron Wake.

The stats might not be there yet, but Charles Harris is the Dolphins’ best addition to the team in 2017.