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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Where will the Miami Dolphins land after consecutive losses?

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The Miami Dolphins have a record of 1-2 heading into Week 5, let's see where they landed in the power rankings.

NFL: International Series-Miami Dolphins Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are in the midst of two-game slide after dropping games to the New York Jets—who were winless at the time—and the New Orleans Saints. A lack of consistency on offense has coach Adam Gase's squad moving in the wrong direction, which is reflected in this week's collection of power rankings.

Let's now look at where the Dolphins landed on the charts before the Tennessee Titans visit Miami on Sunday.

SB Nation

Week 5 Ranking: 28

Last Week: 24

USA Today:

Week 5 Ranking: 30

Last Week: 26


Jay Ajayi has 184 rushing yards through three games. Remember, he eclipsed 200 yards in three different games last season.

Yahoo! Sports

Week 5 Ranking: 25

Last Week: 23


Maybe this team would have been better off just letting Matt Moore start at quarterback. Couldn’t have been much worse.

CBS Sports

Week 5 Ranking: 28

Last Week: 27


Fans who speculated negatively about Ryan Tannehill's future post-injury and post-Jay Cutler signing caught a glimpse of the Dolphins' hypothetical future sans their former starter on Sunday ... and it wasn't pretty. Can Cutler play better than he did in London? Sure. The box score says he completed 20 of 28 passes. Sounds OK, right? Yes, but ... it was for 164 yards. Miami is hitting nothing downfield. Teams don't win averaging 5.7 yards per attempt, even in this day and age of 3-yard ins and none-yard outs. What an ugly, ugly loss.

Bleacher Report

Week 5 Ranking: 27

Last Week: 22

Washington Post

Week 5 Ranking: 29

Last Week: 27


Getting shut out is bad enough. Going all the way to London and then getting shut out by that Saints defense is unforgivable. So much for Adam Gase getting the best out of Jay Cutler.


Week 5 Ranking: 26

Last Week: 22


Between the losses to the Jets and Saints, it’s fair to wonder if the Dolphins stink something awful.

Sporting News

Week 5 Ranking: 26

Last Week: 22


Don't be surprised if Jay Cutler, Jay Ajayi and the rest of the offense start to figure things out quickly in Miami. The pieces are there; the play-calling needs to get more aggressive to take advantage of Cutler's ability to get the ball deep to DeVante Parker and Kenny Stills.


Week 5 Average: 27

Week 4 Average: 23

Change: -4

Highest Week 5 Ranking: 25 (Yahoo! Sports)

Lowest Week 5 Ranking: 30 (USA Today)