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NFL Power Rankings 2017 Week 9: Dolphins crushed by Ravens shutout

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NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9 of the NFL season is upon us, so the Power Rankings from around the web are being released. While the news of the day has been focused primarily on the Miami Dolphins’ trade of Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles, we still do want to take a minute to look at how the Dolphins are showing up in those power rankings.

After what is essentially a third shutout of the year (the Dolphins avoided a shutout against the New York Jets with a touchdown with no time remaining in the game), things are not going well for Miami in the power rankings. And, can you really argue?

Will Miami make a statement this week with a Sunday Night Football game against the Oakland Raiders?

Let’s take a look:

SB Nation

Week 9 Ranking: 25

Last Week: 13

Comments: No comments

Niners Nation

Week 9 Ranking: 22

Last Week: 19

Comments: No comments.

Bleeding Green Nation

Week 9 Ranking: 25

Last Week: 16

Comments: Pathetic 40-0 loss on Thursday Night Football. They’ll be moving forward without one of their most talented players in Ajayi.

USA Today

Week 9 Ranking: 26

Last Week: 13

Comments: They've managed to make the Browns offense look competent. They've also set up Ryan Tannehill to be welcomed as a conquering hero in 2018.

Yahoo! Sports

Week 9 Ranking: 24

Last Week: 18

Comments: The most deceiving thing in the NFL is probably a team whose record is bolstered by a lot of close wins. A great record in close games is not sustainable, and it leads people to believe you’re better than you really are. The Dolphins are 4-0 in games decided by six points or less. If you’ve seen them play, you know they look nothing like at team with a winning record.

Week 9 Ranking: 27

Last Week: 18

Comments: The "Thursday Night Football" matchup between Miami and Baltimore was, in a word, fugly. Could it have gone any worse for Matt Moore and the Dolphins? Moore posted a passer rating of 47.2, his third-worst as a starter in the NFL. Listening to Tony Boselli do color for the game on radio, you would think Miami owned the worst offensive line in the league. They weren't a bunch of Larry Littles and Richmond Webbs out there, that's for sure. I love NFL Game Pass for the iPad. I wouldn't recommend using it to rewatch Dolphins- Ravens.

CBS Sports

Week 9 Ranking: 15

Last Week: 9

Comments: That was really ugly at Baltimore. Coach Adam Gase was wise to call out his offense because it's offensive.

Bleacher Report

Week 9 Ranking: 22

Last Week: 17

Comments: No comments.

Washington Post

Week 9 Ranking: 19

Last Week: 11

Comments: The performance Thursday night in Baltimore was about as ugly as it gets. Those contending that the Dolphins would be better off with Matt Moore at QB instead of Jay Cutler can just stop it. The Dolphins need Cutler’s cracked ribs to heal and they need him back in the lineup. Cutler is far from perfect. But he was Coach Adam Gase’s choice to be the starter at QB after Ryan Tannehill’s injury, and Gase knows what he’s doing.

Sports Illustrated

Week 8 Ranking: 25

Last Week: 20

Comments: They’re undefeated when they score points in the first 59 minutes and 59 seconds of a game (among their three losses are two shutouts and a 20-6 loss to the Jets in which they scored their only points with no time left on the clock). Going forward, they should try to score points in games, which was not part of their game plan last Thursday night in Baltimore. Getting Jay Cutler back under center will maybe not help, but maybe not hurt either. It’s just something that is going to happen.


Week 9 Ranking: 21

Last Week: 17

Comments: Miami was just shut out 40-0. Can it rebound in primetime against the Raiders?

Sporting News

Week 9 Ranking: 17

Last Week: 10

Comments: They're going to get one Jay back, just after they sent another Jay packing. That's bound to leave the offense circled by Jaws.

Chicago Tribune

Week 9 Ranking: 21

Last Week: 11

Comments: Adam Gase sent a very large message to the locker room when he dumped running back Jay Ajayi in a trade Tuesday morning.


Week 9 Average: 22

Week 8 Average: 15

Change: -7

Highest Week 9 Ranking: 15 (CBS Sports)

Lowest Week 9 Ranking: 27 (

Highest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 9 - Week 8 (CBS Sports)

Lowest Single Site Weekly Ranking: 28 - Week 6 (SB Nation)

Highest Average Weekly Ranking: 15 - Week 3/8

Lowest Average Weekly Ranking: 27 - Week 5