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Update: NFL Mulling Decision on Suspension for Miami Dolphins Linebacker Kiko Alonso

Sporting News’ David Steele shines a light on Kiko Alonso’s actions in the Dolphins’ loss to the Ravens.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Update (7:45 pm)

According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL is still evaluating Kiko Alonso’s hit on quarterback Joe Flacco. The League hasn’t determined if a suspension is necessary, but they will likely continue to analyze the play over the weekend.

PFT said the following on the subject:

The NFL has not decided whether to suspend Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso, a source told PFT. A decision is possible over the weekend.

The Miami Dolphins’ dismal performance against the Ravens on Thursday night is still in the spotlight due to linebacker Kiko Alonso’s vicious hit on quarterback Joe Flacco. David Steele of Sporting News gathered comments from those close to action after the game, and things aren’t looking good for Alonso at this point.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh—who exchanged words with Alonso immediately after the play—had this to say about the incident:

"I'm not commenting on that. It was penalized correctly, I would say," the Ravens coach said carefully. Asked point-blank if Alonso, who knocked the Baltimore starting quarterback out of the game with a concussion, should have been ejected for the play, Harbaugh was again diplomatic: "It’s not for me to say." He paused, adding with a grin, "Thanks for asking, though."

Alonso attempted to defend his actions after Miami’s 40-point loss with the following explanation:

"It was bang-bang,’’ Alonso said of the hit. “He got to the point where I thought if he had slid a second sooner — I’m anticipating him sliding, and I was going to not him him, but I think it was a second late, which is why I hit him.’’


Could he have done anything different to avoid hitting Flacco that way? “No, no way," Alonso said.

Given the NFL’s focus on player safety - the play in question will certainly be reviewed to determine if further disciplinary action is needed.

You can read David Steele’s full story on the subject by visiting Sporting News.