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Dolphins at Ravens final score and immediate reactions in Week 8

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens have concluded their Thursday night showdown. The Ravens annihilated the Dolphins 40 - 0. Embarrassing.

First Half Recap

Dolphins got the ball first, meaning Matt Moore got on the field first. On the first play, Laremy Tunsil charged with a false start. Jay Ajayi breaks off a fifteen yard run, after a Jarvis Landry drop, to keep the drive going. Drive ends around midfield as Julius Thomas can’t win one-on-one.

The Ravens took over at the 21 yard line after at Matt Haack punt. After a five yard run, Joe Flacco finds Jeremy Maclin for five yards and a first down. Dolphins able to stall the drive with some great pressure on Flacco. Jakeem Grant does too much dancing and gives the Dolphins bad field position as the team will start at the nine yard line.

Ajayi loses three yards and the next pass is tipped at the line. Third down is an absolute mess with an illegal motion, fourth down after the decline.

Flacco goes deep for Maclin. TOUCHDOWN. Dolphins had twelve men on the field. 7 - 0 Ravens.

Moore tries to go deep for Landry and fails as Landry falls. Ajayi loses two on the very next play. Ravens call a timeout for some reason. Moore had an open Kenny Stills and missed him. Not sure if bad throw or miscommunication. Punting again.

Dolphins force the Ravens on a three and out with a great open field tackle by Kiko Alonso to stop the receiver short of the first down.

Dolphins having a rough time getting the run going. Ravens are one of the worst against the run. Two straight runs from Ajayi leaves the Dolphins with a 3rd and 5. Moore finds Stills for 20! Dolphins try a screen on the next play. Guess what!? It failed miserably as Landry loses 4 yards. Draw play from Ajayi could have been big, but he gets tripped up. And Moore gets sacked to end the drive. Blocking is absolute garbage tonight.

Alex Collins with a big run of 19 yards on the first play and the first quarter comes to a close. Ravens winning at the line as Buck Allen gets a first down too. Nate Allen shaken up on the play and needs help getting off the field. Dolphins able to stall the Ravens offense with some more pressure on Flacco. Justin Tucker kicks for a 55 yd FG and...GOOD. Score: 10 - 0.

Dolphins 3 and out. I’m getting bored.

Allen questionable to return with a calf injury, Michael Thomas takes over at safety. Collins running all over the defense now. Cordrea Tankersly almost picks off Flacco as he was blitzing the QB. False start on the offense forces them to go backwards. Tucker comes out for another field goal, this time a 48 yarder and it’s...GOOD. Score 13 - 0.

FIRST DOWN FINALLY! Moore finds Leonte Carroo for 12 yards. Draw play gets nothing on the next play. Ajayi is not having a fun time. Moore finds Carroo for another first down as Moore had to dance around to buy some time. Moore throws it up for Kenny Stills and he makes the catch. Plus a defensive pass interference. Dolphins are driving now and are at the 30. Moore going for Stills again deep in the endzone and it’s almost picked off. Moore misses Landry on the next play, not sure what is going on there. Dolphins wanted a screen, but Damian Williams falls. Could have been a big play, maybe a touchdown. Parkey attempting a 50 yd FG and he misses. Parkey has never missed from 50+, until now. Score 13 - 0.

Flacco finds Maclin for a first. Dump off to Collins for a big gain. Flacco rolls out and gets destroyed by Alonso as the QB slides. Flacco being taken inside and a personal foul penalty against Alonso which should have resulted in an ejection. Ryan Mallett in the game now and it’s about to get nasty. Mallett finds Benjamin Watson for a short TD. Score 20 - 0.

Another nightmare first half for the Dolphins. But still 1:56 left to play. But guess what...another 3 and out.

Ravens call for fair catch and run with it. How is that not a flag? Dolphins are somehow going to get the ball back with 26 seconds left.

Moore gets sacked and that ends the half. This offensive line is just pitiful.

Second Half Recap

Flacco is out for the game as he is dealing with a concussion after that brutal hit by Alonso. First play for Ravens is a run up the middle with Collins. First down. Run stuffers can’t even stop the run as Rey Maualuga gets carried for eight yards. Mallett goes deep for Perriman but broken up by Tank. Mallett misses Perriman on the next play. PUNT.

Dolphins take over at the nine yard line. 3 and Out. I want to go to bed.

Ndamukong Suh gets called for a personal foul penalty and extends the Ravens drive past midfield. Dolphins block Tucker’s field goal attempt.

Moore’s pass tipped at the line. Ajayi loses 3 on the next play. False start on Tunsil and it’s now 3rd and 18. Short throw. 3 and out AGAIN. I AM SOOOOO BORED.

Collins running all over the Dolphins. Everyone knows they’re going to run. Not sure what the deal is. Dolphins manage to stop them around midfield.

Two consecutive completions to Ajayi results in a first down. Dolphins going no huddle, trying to find a spark. Seems to be working so far. Dolphins driving as the 3rd comes to an end. Score 20 - 0.

Moore takes a shot for Stills but just overthrows the receiver. And C.J Mosley gets a pick-6. Ravens go for two and don’t get it. Score 26 - 0.

Team finally shows signs of life with 7 minutes left. Defense starts fighting and arguing with Ravens offense. Ravens score off a fumble...Score 33 - 0. I’ve checked out by the way.

Another pick-6. Score 40 - 0.

Game over. Finally...

Next Week

The Dolphins will have a mini-bye as they will have a few extra days of rest. The Oakland Raiders will be coming to town for a Sunday Night game for week 9.