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Phinsider Radio Mailbag - 10/25

Matthew Cannata (MC$), Aaron Sutton, and myself. What could go wrong? 

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

After another comeback victory over the New York Jets, the Dolphins have a short week to prepare for the pesky Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have played some of their best football vs the Dolphins, and Miami hopes to continue their winning ways on Thursday Night Football. Join us as we talk about the injury to Jay Cutler, and how the team will fare with Matt Moore moving forward. Will Laremy Tunsil play? What about DeVante Parker, as he braces for his inevitable breakout season? Another day, another Jarvis Landry trade rumor. When will it stop? We will answer all of these questions and much, much more!!!

  • Please start posting your questions now! We'd love to answer as many questions as possible, and you can help us by getting a head start before the show airs.
  • You can tweet us at #PhinsiderRadio. Matt Cannata (@PhinsiderRadio), Houtz (@ Houtz), and Sutton (@Suttonlacesout) any other time.
  • Phinsider Radio will air Thursday mornings!!!! As we move away from the live format, Phinsider Radio will now air on Thursday mornings. Look for a link first thing tomorrow morning!