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‘Stop doubting us!’ Jarvis Landry is tired of the lack of Dolphins respect

Let us face the facts: the Miami Dolphins are not the glamorous franchise it once was. A decade and a half of mediocrity will do that. But, this version of the Dolphins is tired of not getting the respect they deserve, and wide receiver Jarvis Landry clearly is ready to tell us all about it.

“Like I said, man, they have to stop doubting us,” Landry told Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager after Sunday’s 31-28 win over the New York Jets. This team, man, we’ve been through everything this year. We’ve been through hurricanes, we’ve been through 16,000 miles, man, and to be down two weeks in a row, and do it like this, man. I can’t be proud enough of this whole organization, and my teammates, and the city of Miami.”

Asked what keeps the Dolphins fighting every single week, Landry gave a simple answer, “Us, man. It’s about us. It’s about brotherhood. We bleed, we sweat together. We cry together. And we’ve always got each other’s back. That’s what we do every time we take the field. Practice. Sunday to Sunday. That’s what we do. We stick together, man.”

Landry wasn’t done as Schrager looked to end the interview. “Let’s go!” he yelled, then came back to Schrager and told him, “Tell them to stop doubting us. Tell them to stop doubting us.”

Landry is the heart-and-soul of the 2017 Miami Dolphins, and he showed it - again - on Sunday.