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Matt Moore discusses Dolphins comeback win over Jets

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets yesterday 31-28, with a comeback in the second half after trailing 28-14. That comeback was led by backup quarterback Matt Moore, who was thrust into the game when a chest injury sidelined starter Jay Cutler. Moore was 13-for-21 for 188 yards with two touchdowns and an interception in the game, finishing with a 102.9 passer rating.

After the game, Moore met with the media to discuss the win. Here is what he said:

(Was it fun having a great comeback like that?) – “It was a great win and when you can contribute and have a comeback like that, I mean it’s fun for everybody. The guys did an unbelievable job staying together. I mean it was 14 points there, late in the game and we put some drives together and got it done; so yes, it was fun.”

(Matt, you didn’t have a lot of time to get ready when QB Jay Cutler went down. What was going through your mind when you were getting ready to go on the field?) – “Here we go. You’ve got to go do your job and execute to the best of your ability and at that point, like I said, we’re down and I’m just trying to make plays and put some scores on the board. You just tell yourself don’t try to do too much and play within the scheme and let your guys make plays, which they did. It was great.”

(They were causing problems getting the ball out early but it seems like you you got your timing, get the ball out, catch it and get it to your receivers. Was it just the familiarity for you?) – “Yes, I mean (the Jets) front was difficult, especially on the third down. They did some things, but I think as the game went on, obviously you make adjustments and guys did a really good job adjusting and picking some stuff up and allowing guys down the field to make plays.”

(Talk about WR Jarvis Landry and what he’s done for you.) – “I mean, he’s what you want. The go ball, you give him a 50/50 ball, he comes down with it and makes a big play. He had a big third down late in the game. He’s just somebody you want on your team, no doubt. He’s pretty gifted – just a good guy to have.”

(How do you overcome your overthrown interception? You overcame a ball that was a touchdown, that looked like a touchdown, and it was called back. You come back and stick it right back in the end zone?) – “The interception was rough. On third down, that’s obviously not what you want to do. You’d love to just punt the ball and make them go the (length of the) field. But I just think you just keep going. That was the message on the sideline. Guys were just like ‘Hey, we’re still in it.’ The defense did an unbelievable job, really all game. Obviously there were some things here and there, but they kept us in it and made plays when they needed to be made. Hats off to them. Just keeping the faith, I guess. You’ve just got to keep saying ‘Hey, this drive we’re going to put something together. This drive we’re going to put something together.’”

(Everything you guys have been through, you’re sitting here at 4-2. That must feel pretty remarkable for you.) – “Yes, it’s great. Shoot, any time you win a home game against a divisional opponent and to be 4-2 with the craziness this season’s been, you feel good. We’ve got a short week so we’ll enjoy it; but you’ve got to get ready to go again.”

(Matt, another comeback win two weeks in a row and 12 straight wins when the margin is seven or less. Can you explain the team’s knack in close games for coming from behind?) – “I don’t know if I can explain it, but these guys just keep going. They keep fighting. Coach Gase has an unbelievable message about what’s done is done, we can’t do anything about it so let’s move forward. I think if you look at us late in games, you see that. Guys are just making plays, the next play mentality. That’s really it. You can’t change the past, you can’t change what’s happened; but if we move forward, good things will happen.”

(How many first team reps did you get last week? Is that typical and how does someone get that and still do that?) – “Typically, it’s different on some teams; but typically, here, the starter gets all the reps and I have to make mine up. I think our staff and our guys, we do a good job preparing and as a backup, I think you have to prepare as if you’re playing every week. That’s just part of your role and it pays off to be prepared, go in there and execute. That’s your job. That’s the way I look at it.”

(What’s it been like for you, Matt? Obviously the injury, then Head Coach Adam Gase took QB Jay Cutler and now you’re…) – “Yes, I mean a lot of things are out of my control. I try to come to work every day and just do my job, whatever my job is. I’m a big believer that every person on the team has a role, and I’ve said that before. Whatever the circumstances are, my role was defined whenever it was and that’s how I came to work every day. Kind of like I just said, ‘You’re going to be the backup,’ so I just prepare and that’s my job.”

(When you came in last year against Arizona in a similar way where you were just throwing, firing away. You don’t seem to ease your way into the game at all.) – “Yes, I don’t know how else to do it. Just go. I just tell myself just go out there and make plays (and) lead the team. I think Adam (Gase) does a really good job play calling for me, I feel that way. I just go out there and try to play football.”

(What kind of reception did you get in the huddle when you came in to the game?) – “Oh, I don’t know. It was good. Those guys were just really waiting for the play, but they were ready to go.”

(As soon as you saw you were walking on the field to replace QB Jay Cutler, the crowd got really excited and got really behind you. How much does that help you? How much does it help your momentum trying to win a game that late?) – “It’s nice and obviously I appreciate that. I’m aware, but it’s all or nothing when you go out there and don’t produce, which happens some times. I just try to stay focused and focus on the huddle and my guys and try to move the ball.”

(If anyone asks what your job is, it’s obviously to be the backup quarterback in the NFL. If Adam Gase says to you, ‘Hey, QB Jay Cutler is fine, he’s the starter next week.’ Do you just go ‘okay?’) – “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I don’t know. Those are decisions to be made and they are out of my hands.”

(Was there any pass that got you going today?) – “The first touchdown, my adrenaline was probably as high as it has been in a long time after that. They pressured, we did a great job protecting and Kenny (Stills) won, so I was pretty fired up after that one.”

(Is there any difference between this team in the last three games as opposed to the first three games when you started out 1-2?) – “I don’t know if there’s a difference. We’ve worked. Obviously you change things weekly. I just think it’s Week 7 or whatever it is and guys are kind of getting in a grove, if you will. To start the season, you’d love to come out and say oh yeah, we’re firing early on, and who knows why things go the way they do early on, but guys just put their heads down and just kept working. I think that’s the biggest thing, how it has been going the past couple of weeks.”