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Dolphins sitting as worst team in AFC East, but do not expect them to stay there

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Let’s face it, the Miami Dolphins have been a disappointment thus far through the season. With a quarter of the team’s 2017 season complete, they are only 2-2 on the season, sitting in last place in the AFC East, and with an offense that ranks last in the league in total offense, passing offense, and scoring offense. In rushing offense, they rank 31st of 32 teams. Yeah, this is not what this offense - and this team - was supposed to be.

And that is why the Dolphins will not stay in their position as the worst team in the league. They simply have too many talented player on the offense to not eventually find some sort of rhythm.

Jay Ajayi. Jarvis Landry. DeVante Parker. Kenny Stills. At some point, those guys are going to get tied in with quarterback Jay Cutler, and this offense is going to click. When they do, they will be able to compliment the eighth overall defense (fourth in points allowed).

The Dolphins are not a last place team. They will surpass the New York Jets this season - even though they already lost to the Jets once this year. They may not be able to surpass the New England Patriots, who should return to their annual position as the top team in the division, but they could challenge the Buffalo Bills for the second position.

And, let us realize that the Dolphins, as badly as the offense has looked this year, are still 2-2, one game out of the AFC East lead.

This is the same team - with a change at quarterback - who started the 2016 season 1-4. The defense is much better than that team last year, so as soon as the offense finds an identity (*cough* Ajayi *cough*), this Dolphins team should come to life.

And, then, they will no longer be the worst team in the division.