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Miami Dolphins Draft Prospects 2018 - Quarterback Preview

Throughout the season, we will take a look around college football and break down potential prospects for the Miami Dolphins.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Stanford Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins started the season in the worst possible way this year with their starting QB Ryan Tannehill going down in training re-injuring his ACL. Tannehill, who has provided the Dolphin’s with the most hope at the QB position since Marino has left is on IR and faces a long road to recovery. Meanwhile Jay Cutler has taken the reigns as leader of the offense and things have not gone the way Adam Gase was expecting. It’s hard to predict where the Dolphins will be at next year looking at who’s going to play QB, and if I had to guess now I’d say Tannehill. However, there is a possibility that the Dolphins could have a new QB in town next year, either to be a starter or for insurance in case Tannehill cannot stay healthy. There are a lot of names in this potential QB class for 2018. There’s a good bet that some of these underclassmen will not declare, but I think a good bit will; they are talented. After I went through about half of the tape from these prospects I came to the conclusion that they are better than I expected. I really am excited to see who declares and who separates themselves from the pack. So, lets start with my top rated senior QB:

Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma St. - Senior
6-4 230 lbs

Rudolph is a big arm QB that has all the essential tools to be a pretty good player at the next level. I like his ability to stay focused and calm under pressure, I like his decision making, and he’s got the arm talent to make any throw. His accuracy and consistency are obvious areas in need of improvement though. He’s made absolutely beautiful deep throws with fantastic tough but he struggles to do this consistently. He often throws high a lot of the time too, especially on outside throws. I am encouraged and excited about his talent but there are some concerning tendencies that he needs to improve on.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Darnold, QB, USC - RS Sophmore
6-3 220 lbs

Sam Darnold is the popular name being talked about when it comes to QBs going high in next year’s draft. It’s really unfair for people to have such high expectations but it is also a good opportunity for Darnold to mentally prepare himself for the next level. Now, with all that being said some people are disappointed in Darnold’s performance so far this year. However, keep in mind he’s a redshirt sophomore; he could easily stay in school another 2 years. For him to be getting the attention and the praise he’s received and the fact that he is still so young and could only get better, has me very excited. I am certainly not disappointed; I like how he’s been with pressure on him (on and off the field), he does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield, he’s got a quick release, able to escape pressure and he’s got good accuracy. I am not blown away by his athleticism, I don’t think he’s got the strongest arm in the world and I think his decision making needs to get better. However, Darnold is a legit talent and could be a top QB for next year’s draft.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA - Junior
6-3 220 lbs

I think Rosen is the most talented and NFL ready QB in this class. He’s a natural passer with a strong arm, great zip on the ball, good athleticism, nice looks very fluid and natural when you watch him. He can be elusive, and does a good job of extending the play while keeping his eyes downfield. Now, he’s a gunslinger and does take risks...which I am ok with; but it does result in less then favorable outcomes at times, but that’s what you get when you take risks. As of right now, he’s my top rated QB and I could easily see him being a high first rounder.

NCAA Football: Colorado at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern - Junior
6-3 220 lbs

Thorson is a lesser known name but still some people have brought him up as a possible first round pick next year. Now, I don’t know about all that, it is still very early but what I do know is he’s a strong armed, athletic QB that can hurt you with his legs but also sling it down the field. He’s not super accurate, which can be frustrating and his touch needs to improve but he makes good decisions and has shown good improvement throughout his college career.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Northwestern Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville - Junior
6-2 211 lbs

Jackson is a super popular topic when people discuss QBs for next year. He’s a superstar at Louisville, putting up insane numbers and winning a lot of football games. Now, scouting QBs is hard (by far the hardest for me); so I am going to be constantly evaluating and re-watching all my film. So far on Jackson, I see an elite athlete with a cannon for an arm, deadly elusiveness, great ability to make something out of nothing and a leader on the field. He’s not accurate though and particularly struggles with short to medium throws. He also looks thin; I am not comfortable with his frame and especially with his style of play, would want him to add more bulk. Jackson needs to make better decisions also, as well as improve his accuracy and his touch.... but he’s got playmaking ability that will certainly make him an interesting prospect for either 2018 or 2019’s draft.

NCAA Football: Louisville at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming - Junior
6-4 233 lbs

Josh Allen is yet another possible high draft pick next year. He’s got some serious arm talent that is rare; good strength, can put nice zip on the ball, good deep thrower, decently athleticism, and pretty accurate. Now, his biggest thing is he’s raw. He’s got gunslinger tendencies but he does make poor decisions at times. I think a lot of his small game, like the details of what he does certainly need to improve before he’s ever ready for the NFL but he’s got the talent to make every throw in the book and will certainly be looked at closely this college season as a possible high round draft pick.

NCAA Football: Texas State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Fitzgerald, QB, Mississippi St. - Junior
6-4 230 lbs

I liked Fitzgerald’s was fun to watch. He’s more of a runner at the QB position but he does have an NFL arm. I think he’s got the strength but the accuracy and decision making leave much to be desired (which is why I think he probably will stay for his Senior season but he is eligible for 2018). Now, I have seen him make good reads and he puts a nice zip on his release but like I said, he hurts you mainly with his legs and the threat of him running. I think he can develop though, and with what Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott and now Deshaun Watson are doing I think Fitzgerald may be a higher pick then people are expecting.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
Luke Falk, QB, Washington St.
Matt Lineham, QB, Idaho
Kirk Benkert, QB, Virginia