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Four moves I would consider in order to fix the Dolphins offense

Miami's Offense has been one of the worst in the NFL. Here is 4 changes I would consider to right the ship.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphin Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins had a buzz about them coming into this season, and rightly so. The team spent a majority of the offseason righting the ship on a defense that ranked somewhere between missing, and not all there, while filling out holes on the offensive front. Looking back, mistakes were made, but not all could be put on the Dolphins shoulders, seeing as mother nature made the season her bi%$#, and set the schedule back in Week 1. After four long weeks on the road, they finally played at home, only to hear chants for Matt Moore to come into the game, meanwhile, we watched as yet another domino fell as the offensive line coach was forced to resign once a video surfaced of him snorting a white substance. Not to mention they had already lost their starting quarterback to injury before he could even step onto the field.

The term, "anything that can go wrong, will" holds new meaning to some fans, while to others, this is just another day in Dolphins Paradise. Either way, I am getting ahead of myself, and stepping away from my reasoning for this article. This is supposed to be about how I would right the ship, and so here goes. Four things I would do in order to right the Dolphins ship.

1. Approach New York about a trade for Weston Richburg.

Sure this makes a lot less sense in the short term, considering how the biggest problems are at guard, but here we kill two birds with one stone, and also help New York fill not one but two voids in the process. My proposal? Byron Maxwell, and Jakeem Grant as well as a conditional late pick for Westburg. They get a replacement in the secondary, as well as a speedy receiver to fill out not one but two issues that surfaced after last weeks game, and the Dolphins get a center to start the rebuild of the interior offensive line.

Two things make this a possibility. One is that Weston is coming off the concussion, protocol, and the other is he is in the last year of his contract. While this doesn't make it sound more reasonable for us at the moment, the ends justify the means, and to be honest, there are not many options so readily available that can help us so quickly.

2. Regardless of how he feels about it, move Mike Pouncey to right guard.

Pouncey is well known for combating all attempts to make him anyhing other than a center, but at this point, with contract situations about to come up fast as the season comes to its mid point, and the need to clear cap space for next year, Pouncey is walking a fine line. His value is pretty much in the toilet right now, and he needs to do whatever he can to preserve what little peace of mind he has left. That means swallowing his pride, and actually doing what is right for the team. That is, moving to right guard, a position he played well during his time in Florida. With this and the previous move, there are now two big needs filled.

3. Bring back the old school Power I.

Screens, bubbles, etc, they are all good and well, but they are not working. While the Power I requires a Fullback to work correctly, I think it is safe to say they already have one on the roster in Anthony Fasano. Truth is, they need to find more ways to get this guy on the field, and this my friends, is the easiest way to do it. He is possibly THE best blocker on the team at this point, and all in all would do wonders out of the backfield.

4. Last but not least, put Jermon Bushrod in at left tackle, move Tunsil back to left guard.

I am going to get a lot of flack for this, and typically I would agree that this is a horrible idea, but without a whole lot of cap room, and the need to find a quick fix, this seems to be one of the lesser of two evils at this point. Will the Dolphins suffer at the left tackle spot? Sure, but given his history at the position, and the fact that they are already square pegging a round hole with him at right guard, I think this may be the answer to they interior line woes. Tunsil at left guard last season opened plenty of holes for running back Jay Ajayi, and also helped keep quarterbacks Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore upright. With this move, they complete a line shuffle that is in dire need. Bushrod will have an advantage in that with Fasano, he will have help on his left flank, while on the right, Tunsil will have moved into a position that may not be best suited for the team’s first round pick from last season, but it is a move that gives comfort in knowing that he has performed well there before. Ultimately, this is a sacrifice for the greater good, as we can at least look at this as an upgrade to the interior, while on the surface sacrificing some talent at left tackle but ultimately putting players in positions they have been in before, and so ultimately in doing so, taking away from the amount of time needed to adjust.

At this point, it is not about doing something for the sake of doing it, however it is about doing what we can to salvage an offense that even though is promising, is not living up to the standards and expectations set before the season started. I think these moves give us the best chance at success and meanwhile helps our skill players as well as whatever QB behind Center succeed.