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Don’t Watch ESPN This Week

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ESPN has no respect for the Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

After a 1-4 start, the Miami Dolphins shocked the world and made the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Miami will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team they beat 30-15 in the regular season. In that game, Pittsburgh failed to stop Jay Ajayi who rushed for 204 yards on 25 carries. You would think that this Miami team would get some respect from the national media, right? Wrong.

ESPN has overlooked this Dolphins team from Week 1 and continue to not pay attention to a team that has stunned many. For example, the ESPN NFL twitter account completely disrespected the team by not even featuring their logo on a recent graphic that they tweeted which shows the AFC playoff teams with the best chance to reach the playoffs.

If you dive a little bit deeper into this graphic, you will notice that the numbers add up to 100 percent without even incorporating the Dolphins chances into it. If I am Adam Gase, I would print this image out and blow it up. Put it on every Dolphin locker and have them stare at it before each practice leading up to the game. This team has tons of guys with no playoff experience but this type of motivation will have this team ready to perform at full throttle.

Now let us shift gears here. Don’t even get me started with the clown over at First Take. For some reason, he despises the fact that the culture has changed over in South Beach. This is the same man that counted out the Dolphins after a tough loss against a Ravens team.

Just do yourselves a favor and stay away from ESPN this week because not once will the word Miami or Dolphins roll off the tongues of these ‘experts.’ When Miami goes into Heinz Field and beats the Steelers, I can promise you ESPN will be running 24/7 in my household.