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Vance Joseph to interview with Broncos

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Add another team to the list of clubs looking to interview Miami’s defensive coordinator.

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is a man in demand this offseason - even though it is not yet the offseason for the Dolphins. A day after reported indicated the San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, and Buffalo Bills requested head coach interviews with Joseph, a fourth team can be added to the list. According to an Associated Press report, the Denver Broncos have been given permission to interview Joseph.

The Broncos’ interest in Joseph is not surprising. He was considered for the team’s head coaching vacancy two years ago, but the team chose to hire Gary Kubiak instead. Kubiak retired this week due to health concerns.

The AP report indicates the Broncos will also interview Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and Kansas City Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

NFL rules limit when an assistant coach of a playoff team can be interviewed for head coaching positions. Coaches of teams with bye weeks during Wildcard Weekend, such as both the Falcons and Chiefs, can be interviewed during the bye week. Coaches from teams that play on Wildcard Weekend, including the Dolphins, have to wait until after the Wildcard games. A coach from a team that wins on Wildcard Weekend can be interviewed prior to the Divisional Round games, but that interview must take place in the hometown of the coach’s current team and the current team can choose which day the interview occurs. If the team loses during Wildcard Weekend, the coach will be able to travel to the potential new team’s home city any time.