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Phinsider Radio to air on Wednesday, February 1

Cannata is in the process of moving into a house, Sutton is snowed in and has no access to a computer and Houtz is sick. A perfect storm or a bunch of excuses? You be the judge!

Phinsider Radio will not be airing tonight (Tuesday, January 31) because of a myriad of problems. Instead, we'll be LIVE on Wednesday, February 1 starting at 9:30 PM EST.

As we alluded to above, MC$ doesn't know how to properly move into a house. Starting on Thursday evening, he had plenty of opportunity to finish before today, but failed to do so. Thus, he is in over his head trying to figure out what to do with his life.

Sutton the soccer dad lives in Cleveland so naturally, they are getting lots of snow. As such, his place of work is closed. Since he is so used to stealing the laptop each week for Phinsider Radio, he forgot to plan in advance and take it home a few days early. What do they say - those who fail to plan, plan to fail? Yah, that's Sutton.

And Houtz is giving us the whole "I'm sick" excuse. Is there anything older than this excuse? We see it all the time with people calling into work while throwing in a fake cough here and there. Houtz had no problem partying it up this past weekend but when it comes time to do some work,  he is conveniently sick.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow night at 9:30 PM EST! Cannata will be settled in, Sutton will be able to steal the laptop from work, and Houtz will be magically feeling better.