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Super Bowl odds steady with Patriots favored slightly over Falcons

Super Bowl LI Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The NFL’s 2016-2017 season will end this week when the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons faceoff in Super Bowl LI. This week will be filled with constant breakdowns of both teams, analysts looking at every player involved in the game, and hundreds of other stories as everything that could possibly be a story is made into one. By the time Sunday finally arrives, we will likely all simply be ready for the game so that we can stop hearing about the game.

That said, we are going to now start talking about the game.

The betting odds for the game opened last Monday with the Patriots a three-point favorite over the Falcons, and it has stayed there. The spread of 58.5 points has, likewise, remained steady.

Personally, I am a little surprised that the line is as close at it is. The Falcons have proven they have an explosive offense that can keep up with just about anything the Patriots want to do, though the Patriots come into this game with the top defense in terms of points allowed per game. The Patriots, however, are the Patriots, and it seems like an automatic assumption that they will win. The fact that Las Vegas has not been swung toward making the Patriots a bigger favorite is the surprising part. This will probably be a good game, but I would have thought the Patriots would be a five- or six-point favorite by now as people started betting on them.

What do you think of a field goal spread six days before the game? Is it right, or were you, like me, thinking it would be bigger by now?