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Phinsider Radio Live Thread - Live @ 9:30 EST

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The Playoffs are imminent; we’ll interview someone from Behind the Steel Curtain to get the Steelers inside scoop for this Sunday. As always, we'll field questions from our faithful callers, bloggers, and tweeters - sometimes that gets nuttier than squirrel turds.

The new Phinsider Radio team gets into their 24th episode tonight at 9:30 EST. Please start posting your questions now! We'd love to answer as many questions as possible, and you can help us by getting a head start before we go live.

You can tweet Matt Cannata (@PhinsiderRadio).

Or you defy your blogging and tweeting ways, and you call us! Guests can reach us at the following phone number:

(347) 326-9461


(The Phinsider Podcast is a weekly show brought to you by SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog. If you miss the live show you can also find us on iTunes. Search for the Phinsider Podcast. There will also be links to Phinsider Radio embedded in each Phinsider article.)