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Vance Joseph interview requests from Rams, Bills, Chargers

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The Dolphins’ defensive coordinator is a hot commodity this year.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are preparing for the team’s first playoff appearance in eight years, but there are six teams currently searching for a new head coach. While it is refreshing to not have the Dolphins in that pack, it does not mean they are not tied to the coaching searches this year, mostly because defensive coordinator Vance Joseph appears to be one of the hot commodities this offseason.

According to and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, three teams have already requested to interview Joseph. The San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, and Los Angeles Rams all want a chance to speak to Joseph. The Denver Broncos are not yet known to have requested an interview, but they have been linked to Joseph; he was previously considered a finalist for the Broncos’ head coaching position two-years ago but the Broncos hired Gary Kubiak instead. Kubiak retired this week due to health concerns.

Rumors have also indicated there is interest from the San Francisco 49ers in Joseph.

Joseph has worked primarily as a defensive backs coach during his career, starting in 1999 at the University of Colorado as a graduate assistant. He has also worked at the University of Wyoming, a second stint with Colorado, and Bowling Green at the college level before moving to the San Francisco 49ers in 2005. He worked there until moving to the Houston Texans in 2011, then to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2014. The Dolphins hired him last offseason, his first time working as a defensive coordinator.

According to NFL rules, no interviews with an assistant coach of a team playing on Wildcard Weekend will be held during the first week of the playoffs. If Miami wins their playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Joseph could interview with teams but those interviews would have to occur in Miami on the day chosen by the team. If Miami loses, he would be free to travel to the interview in the city of the potential new team.