The Perfect Recipe for Ndamukong Suh-p

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After a surprising 2016 campaign that resulted in a trip to the playoffs, the Miami Dolphins enter the offseason with a plethora of questions. Will Jarvis Landry see big bucks? Will the team hold onto Mike Pouncey and Branden Albert?

What about the defense? After losing Vance Joseph to the Denver Broncos, what does the new coordinator have in store? Will the line improve in the run game?

It all starts with the big man in the middle, and after Miami gave up the fourth-most yards in the league, he needs some support. Fins fans, you're in luck because I have the remedy for this defense. Let's build the perfect recipe for Ndamukong Suh-p to find out what No. 93 is all about.


Lobster: The luxurious lobster is a delicacy in any restaurant, but it costs a pretty penny. The local grocery store sells a pound of lobster tails for $37, which mirrors the contract the Fins gave Suh. His initial six-year, $114-million deal was the largest ever for a defensive player. The contract has been slightly altered since, but like any fine ingredient, you pay a premium price for a premium product. Suh racked up 72 combined tackles in 2016, which was a career high and fifth among all defensive lineman. His impressive performance shows there is no slowing down for the 30-year-old.

Coconut Crab: According to a researcher in Japan, the coconut crab has the strongest pinch of any animal. The results of the study, published in November, also revealed the animal can pinch harder than most animals can bite. Suh's hands come in handy. His incredible strength allows him to bully opposing lineman who aren't as skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His reliable grip also allows him to secure tackles, especially when players are shiftier than ever-- I'm looking at you Le'Veon Bell.

Salt: Salt intensifies flavor, balances a dish and adds versatility. Like salt, Suh is no one-trick pony. He has the motor to stuff gaps and be effective in the run game. He can swat passes, sack the quarterback, and despite his 300-pound frame, he can make tackles downfield to stop a big play.

Hot Sauce: Hot sauce adds a jolt of flavor. It's fiery, disruptive and makes your eyes light up-- much like Suh's play on the field. He blows up backfields and allows the defensive front to create pressure. Teams commit such a large effort to stop Suh that it allows edge-rushers like Cameron Wake an easier path to the quarterback. No. 93 is a big reason for Wake's 11.5 sacks and potential to become the NFL's 2016 Comeback Player of the Year

A Big Spoon: Every soup needs a something to give it a good stir, and Suh is certainly a spoon that stirs the pot on this defense. He's become a vocal leader, a motivator and he plays with inspirational aggressive. The Oregon native has been the subject of some controversial actions on the field, resulting in career fines of more than $300,000. However, sometimes that's what a team needs-- a guy who can stir the pot and fire up teammates to energize a performance.

New England Clams: Clams are the marquee item. Let's face it. Fans of the Fins, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets have one thing in common: we're all counting down the days until Tom Brady and Bill Belichick call it quits. The addition of New England clams is a small tribute to our division rivals.

Let's hope the Fins feast on the Patriots next year. Bon Appetit.

Got any ingredients for your favorite NFL stars? Get creative with comments below!

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