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Miami Dolphins Officially Warned by NFL and NFLPA Regarding Concussion Protocol

No sanctions were given, but future infractions will cost the team.

Wild Card Round - Miami Dolphins v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

According to an article on, the Miami Dolphins have been issued an official warning regarding their handling of Matt Moore’s post-Bud Dupree vicious hit in the Dolphins/Steelers Wild Card match-up on January 8th. In the letter, the NFL, NFLPA, and the league’s co-chair of the head, neck and spine committee declared the Miami Dolphins did not “strictly follow the protocol”. The article does not, however, elaborate on the part of the protocol that was not followed.

The Dolphins did not incur any penalties for the protocol violation, but have been warned that “future deviation from the protocol may result in enhanced discipline, including monetary fines assessed against the club."

After a high hit under the chin strap, Matt Moore sat out of 2 of the Miami Dolphins’ offensive plays and then re-entered the game. He acknowledged to reporters that he “got smoked” but did not sustain a concussion. It’s possible the Dolphins coaching staff and medical staff create a new internal protocol to avoid future sanctions.