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Dolphins roster status offseason 2017

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Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are preparing for what will likely be another busy offseason. The team is expected to have around $32 million in salary cap space prior to making any changes to the current contracts they have on the books. There are players that will be released that provide back some cap space, as well as contract extensions and restructuring that give back some money for use this year by the club.

The team has plenty of work to do before the league’s free agency period begins in March. There are 20 players who will head into free agency this year if Miami does not either re-sign them or make qualifying offers for restricted/exclusive rights free agents. There are also 20 players who have their contracts ending after the 2017 season, including key players like safety Reshad Jones, wide receiver Jarvis Landry, and defensive end Cameron Wake, who could be targets for extensions between now and the start of the 2017 regular season.

Over the next several weeks, we will spend time breaking down the specific players on the Miami roster. Before we get to that, however, we need to set the current status of the roster. This morning, we do just that.

(Note: The experience of each player is based on the start of the 2016 season and has not been updated to give credit for the season yet. That will be updated when the league year changes in March.)

Dolphins roster (as of Jan. 23, 2017)

Name Pos Age Exp Contract status
Name Pos Age Exp Contract status
Branch, Andre DE 27 5 UFA
Bushrod, Jermon C/G 32 10 UFA
Butler, Donald LB 28 7 UFA
Cameron, Jordan TE 28 6 UFA
Denney, John LS 38 12 UFA
Jenkins, Jelani LB 24 4 UFA
Paysinger, Spencer LB 28 6 UFA
Rambo, Bacarri S 26 4 UFA
Sims, Dion TE 25 4 UFA
Stills, Kenny WR 24 4 UFA
Yates, T.J. QB 29 6 UFA
Alonso, Kiko LB 26 4 RFA
Jones, Dominique TE 29 3 RFA
Thomas, Michael S 26 4 RFA
Williams, Damien RB 24 3 RFA
Williams, Nick DT 26 3 RFA
Duarte, Thomas TE 21 R ERFA
Hull, Mike LB 25 1 ERFA
Pitts, Lafayette CB 24 R ERFA
Steen, Anthony C/G 26 1 ERFA
Aikens, Walt S 25 3 Through 2017
Barrow, Lamin LB 26 3 Through 2017 (Futures)
Brendel, Jake C 24 R Through 2017
Darr, Matt P 24 2 Through 2017
Fede, Terrence DE 25 3 Through 2017
Franks, Andrew K 24 2 Through 2017
Hewitt, Neville LB 23 2 Through 2017
James, Ja'Wuan T 24 3 Through 2017 (5th year option)
Jones, Reshad S 28 7 Through 2017
Jordan, Dion DE 26 3 Through 2017 (5th year option)
Landry, Jarvis WR 24 3 Through 2017
Misi, Koa LB 30 7 Through 2017
Mitchell, Earl DT 29 7 Through 2017
Moore, Matt QB 32 9 Through 2017
Reilly, Trevor LB 29 3 Through 2017
Scott, Rashawn WR 24 R Through 2017
Urbik, Kraig C/G 31 8 Through 2017
Wake, Cameron DE 34 8 Through 2017
Williams, Mario DE 31 11 Through 2017
Young, Sam T 29 7 Through 2017
Abdul-Quddus, Isa S 27 6 Through 2018
Ajayi, Jay RB 23 2 Through 2018
Albert, Branden T 32 9 Through 2018
Davie, Daniel CB 23 R Through 2018 (Futures)
Davis, Jesse T 25 1 Through 2018 (Futures)
Doughty, Brandon QB 25 R Through 2018 (Futures)
Ekpre-Olomu, Ifo CB 23 1 Through 2018
Gray, MarQueis TE 27 4 Through 2018
Hendy, A.J. S 23 R Through 2018
Johnson, Storm RB 24 2 Through 2018 (Futures)
Lippett, Tony CB 24 2 Through 2018
McCain, Bobby CB 23 2 Through 2018
Miley, Arthur DE 23 1 Through 2018 (Futures)
Pantale, Chris TE 26 1 Through 2018 (Futures)
Parker, DeVante WR 24 2 Through 2018 (5th year option)
Perry, Senorise RB 25 3 Through 2018 (Futures)
Phillips, Jordan DT 24 2 Through 2018
Poole, Terry T 24 1 Through 2018 (Futures)
Warmsley, Julius DE 26 1 Through 2018 (Futures)
Watts, Brandon LB 26 3 Through 2018 (Futures)
Carroo, Leonte WR 22 R Through 2019
Drake, Kenyan RB 22 R Through 2019
Grant, Jakeem WR 24 R Through 2019
Howard, Xavien CB 23 R Through 2019
Lacey, Deon LB 26 1 Through 2019 (Futures)
Lucas, Jordan CB 23 R Through 2019
Tunsil, Laremy G/T 22 R Through 2019 (5th year option)
Maxwell, Byron CB 28 6 Through 2020
Pouncey, Mike C 27 6 Through 2020
Suh, Ndamukong DT 30 7 Through 2020
Tannehill, Ryan QB 28 5 Through 2020

Some explanation of some of the terms in the roster:

  • UFA - Unrestricted free agent; player who is free to sign with another team when free agency begins in March
  • RFA - Restricted free agent; player can sign with another team, but if the Dolphins place a tender on him before the start of free agency, there will be some form of compensation required from the new team to be paid to the Dolphins (typically draft picks)
  • ERFA - Exclusive rights free agent; if the Dolphins extend a qualifying offer to the player, they have to stay in Miami and play on that offer
  • Fifth-year option - Under the rookie wage scale, a first-round draft pick’s contract is a four-year deal, with a team option for a fifth year. That option must be exercised in the offenseon between third and fourth years for the player. The option year is fully-guaranteed on the first day of the fifth league year for the player, and the salary is based on the position they play and the position where they were selected (top ten picks based on the transition tag value for the position in the player’s fourth year, picks 11 through 32 based on the average of the third through 25th highest salaries in at the position). A fifth-year option note on the table above indicates the team still has the ability to use the option for that player. Note: Jordan’s contract tolled after his 2015 suspension, moving the team’s ability to use his fifth-year option to this offseason.
  • Futures - players who are not on an active roster at the end of the regular season (or when a team’s playoff run ends for practice squad player on playoff teams), can sign 2017 contracts, deemed “reserve/futures” contracts. These deals add the player to a team’s roster, but officially do not go into effect until the start of the next league year.