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Edwin Pope, legendary sportswriter, passes away

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Jury Finds City Of Miami Defrauded Bond Investors Again Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A Pro Football Hall of Fame member.

A staple of the sports landscape in South Florida.

A part of Hard Rock Stadium bearing his name.

A four-time best sportswriter in the nation.

That is what Edwin Pope has been to the Miami Dolphins and all of the Miami area.

Pope’s career started when he was 11 years old when he became a sports reporter for the Athens Banner-Herald in his hometown of Athens, Georgia. At 15, he was promoted to the paper’s sports editor position. In 1956, after attending the University of Georgia and working in Atlanta, Pope, then 28, as hired by the Miami Herald, where within a year, he was promoted to the sports editor position. He retired from being the paper’s sports reporter in 2003, but still contributed to the paper through 2016.

Sadly, Pope passed away on Thursday after fighting cancer. He was 88 years old.

Pope was a huge part of the Dolphins hiring Don Shula as their head coach, telling then Dolphins owner Joe Robbie that Shula was the coach to get. Robbie targeted - and got - Shula from the Baltimore Colts.

Pope has been a legend when it comes to covering sports in Miami and around the nation. Losing him is a huge loss for South Florida.

Rest in peace, Edwin Pope.

For more on Pope’s life, check out the outstanding article from Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald.