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New author joining the site

Excitement Mounts In Madrid As Atletico And Real Fans Prepare For Champions League Final Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is upon us, which means it is time to start delving into free agency and draft preparations. While the group of contributors we have will give us a ton of great content throughout the Miami Dolphins’ offseason, we are always on the hunt for talented writers to add to the staff.

Today, we do exactly that. Please join me in welcoming Brandon Carusillo - who will write under the tag B_Carusillo and can be found on Twitter @B_Carusillo - to The Phinsider staff. I have been working with Brandon in the background for a couple of months as we have refined what his role here on the site will be, as well as he has balanced his graduate-level class load. Finally, I am happy things have worked out and we can bring Brandon on as a contributor today.

Sadly, Brandon is currently stuck up in New England Patriots country as he finishes his graduate work, but he is a Florida native and a huge Dolphins fan. Sounds like a great fit for the site.

His first article will be posted in a couple of hours. He will primarily be working to augment our pre-draft breakdown of prospects and potential Dolphins pick targets.