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Who’s Your Favorite Non-Dolphins Player to Watch?

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It’s OK, you’re allowed to flirt with other players while the Miami Dolphins and the NFL are “separated”.

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As much as I like to see Aaron Rodgers drop 70-yard bombs into porcelain tea cups downfield, nothing earns my respect more than a rabid defender. Offense might have the sex appeal, but defensive conquest is the challenge of the fiercest warriors.

The formative years of my Dolphins fanhood involved steady doses of Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, Sam Madison and Pat Surtain. We disoriented even the most formidable offenses, and it’s still through this lens that I view the NFL and its landscape of superstars.

My vote is Luke Kuechly. Some teams have middle linebackers communicating the play, but few NFL defenses have a quarterback of the defense - the Carolina Panthers are one of those privileged few. Kuechly is as old school as he is new school. I like how this dude hits, how he plays pass coverage, and his obvious command over the defensive huddle. He’s a coach on the field and a student of the game.

I’ll admit that, 4 years ago, I would’ve answered Jamaal Charles, namely because his gorgeousness helped me win quite a few dollars playing fantasy football. But when I take a step back and look at today’s NFL, Luke Kuechly is my favorite player to watch not on the Miami Dolphins roster.

Who’s your current non-Dolphin that you enjoy watching?