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Not so fast: Broncos expected to make offer to Joseph, prevent Chargers interview

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Miami Dolphins

Earlier today, multiple media reports indicated Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator would move from his Tuesday interview for the Denver Broncos’ head coaching position to an interview on Wednesday for the San Diego Chargers’ top coaching position. Now, however, things seem to be swinging back to Joseph landing the Broncos’ job.

Joseph stayed in Denver overnight, but things did not seem to be as advanced early in the morning as it all does now. According to 9News’ Mike Klis, Broncos Vice President of Football Operations is expected to make an offer to Joseph this morning. Denver7 added that the Broncos are in direct talks with Joseph and are expected to make him an offer to prevent him from leaving for San Diego. He has since added that the Broncos and Joseph are “nearing finish line in talks.

Joseph has spent one season with the Dolphins as defensive coordinator. He previously served as the Cincinnati Bengals’ defensive backs coach, where he interviewed for the Broncos’ head coaching position two years ago. Considered a finalist for that position, Joseph lost out to Gary Kubiak, who was hired for the job. Kubiak retired after the 2016 season due to health concerns, and Joseph was immediately considered a front-runner for the job.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has added that Joseph has officially postponed his interview with the Chargers as the talks with the Broncos continue to advance.

Things are happening fast in the Joseph rumors and updates, but we will keep you posted as best as possible as they happen.

UPDATE: Reports indicate the Broncos and Joseph have agreed to a deal.