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Dolphins draft needs 2017: Fan poll

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What are the biggest needs for the Miami Dolphins this offseason?

Miami Dolphins v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are out of the NFL Playoffs and on to the 2017 offseason, which means it is time to start assessing themselves and their needs, as well as putting together an offseason plan. As the offseason progresses, the Dolphins will have to address those needs through free agency and the NFL Draft. How will they do it and where will they look? We have several months of watching and analyzing every move before we will see the Dolphins on the field again.

Which brings us to this post. There are needs that Miami has to fill, but which ones are the priority? We will let you decide. Below, you will find a drag and drop listing of all the positions (minus punter and kicker), allowing you to move the biggest need to the top of the list and the lowest priority to the bottom. We will then put together a comunity “The Phinsider Dolphins Needs” list.

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